TI12 Ticket Prices: Grab Your Spot For Thrilling Live Dota 2

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TI12 Ticket Prices: Grab Your Spot For Thrilling Live Dota 2

Grab your TI12 exclusive tickets and get ready for an unforgettable Dota 2 experience at The International 2023

The anticipation is reaching a crescendo as The International 2023 approaches, promising to deliver a gaming experience that will be etched in history. With the world's best Dota 2 teams geared up for a showdown on the grandest of stages, many fans are seeking to know how they may be part of this monumental event.

Whether you're a zealous esports enthusiast or a curious newcomer to the world of competitive gaming, this comprehensive article will provide all the essential information to secure your The International 12 tickets and immerse yourself in the viewership of some electrifying games.

Join The International 2023 by Grabbing Your Tickets

TI12 Ticket Prices: Grab Your Spot For Thrilling Live Dota 2

Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the dynamic battleground of The International 2023, where the finest Dota 2 teams will engage in an epic showdown for supremacy? This year's tournament presents an exciting new format spanning three weekends, promising an intensified and unforgettable gaming extravaganza.

As the excitement continues to escalate, grabbing your passes becomes an essential step toward becoming part of this event. A total of 20 of the world's best teams will be taking part in this monumental event, with 12 having secured their spot and 8 more having to battle it out in the regional qualifiers.

Here are the Teams that have already secured their spot at The International 2023 main event:

Team Names

Region DPC Points Players

Team Liquid

Western Europe


miCKe, Nisha, zai, Boxi, Insania

Gaimin Gladiators

Western Europe


dyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, tOfu, Seleri

Tundra Esports

Western Europe


skiter, Nine, 33, Saksa, Sneyking


Eastern Europe


RAMZES666, kiyotaka, MieRo`, Antares, Solo

Evil Geniuses

South America


Pakazs, Chris Luck, Wisper, Matthew, Panda




shiro, NothingToSay, niu, planet, y`

Shopify Rebellion

North America 1170 Arteezy, Abed, SabeRLight-, Cr1t-, Fly

Talon Esports

Southeast Asia


23savage, Mikoto, Jabz, Q, Oli~


South America


Parker, DarkMago, Sacred, Scofield, Stinger

Team Spirit

Eastern Europe


Yatoro, Larl, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka


North America


Timado, Bryle, kasane, Ari, Whitemon

BetBoom  Eastern Europe 760

Nightfall, gpk~, Pure~, Save-, TORONTOTOKYO

Here are the list of teams that will be qualifying per region to join the invitees at the main event:


Region Players



North America TBD 17th – 21th August
TBD South America TBD

22nd – 26th August


South America TBD 22nd – 26th August
TBD Eastern Europe TBD

22nd – 26th August


Western Europe TBD 27th – 31st August
TBD Western Europe TBD

27th – 31st August


China TBD 17th – 21th August
TBD Southeast Asia TBD

27th – 31st August

Exploring the New Format:

Prepare for an exciting journey through The International 2023's fresh approach. This adventure is divided into two main parts, spread across three weekends. It all starts with the “Road to the International,” including the Group Stage from October 12th to 15th, and the Playoffs from October 20th to 22nd. The climactic moment of the tournament, known as “The International,” takes place from October 27th to 29th. This is when the final teams compete for the prestigious Aegis of Champions prize.

Ticket Sales Made Effortless:

Stay well-informed about these pivotal ticket sale dates.

  • The International 2023 at Climate Pledge Arena:
    • Tickets become available on August 25th at 10 AM PT
    • Secure a comprehensive three-day pass for the entire event at a cost of $699 USD + fees per pass
    • Seamlessly link your Steam account for exclusive in-game treasures and additional event benefits
  • The Road to the International – Playoffs at Seattle Convention Center’s Summit Building:
    • Tickets will be up for grabs on August 28th at 10 AM PT
    • Choose from individual ticket for each of the three days, with each ticket priced at $99 USD + fees

Getting Your Tickets:

Don't worry, getting your The Internationals 2023 pass is easy and straightforward. When the sale dates arrive, simply go to Ticketmaster's website. There, you can easily secure your spot at one of the most highly anticipated gaming events of the year. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the excitement!

Here are the simple steps you can follow to purchase your very own one:

  1. Log in to/Create your Ticketmaster account.
  2. Visit the TI12 ticket page on Ticketmaster.
  3. Pick the phases/dates you want to attend the event.
  4. Click “Checkout” to proceed with the payment.

Dota 2 Fans Shocked by High TI12 Ticket Prices

Dota 2 fans are feeling both surprised and upset due to the high ticket prices for The International 2023. The cost to attend this major esports event has turned out to be much higher than they expected. Many fans are experiencing frustration and find it hard to believe the amount they need to pay. They are discussing this among themselves and expressing that the prices don't seem fair. Some are even comparing the costs to other esports events and concerts held by well-known artists like Taylor Swift.

This year, The International is happening in a new format, which has led to the increased prices. Fans are feeling disappointed because they really want to be there to watch their favorite game, but the ticket prices are too steep for many of them. This situation has sparked a conversation about whether these events should be more reasonably priced and welcoming for all esports enthusiasts.

An Unforgettable Experience Awaits:

The International 2023 is more than just exciting gaming battles. It gives you a chance to be part of a lively community, connect with other passionate fans, and celebrate the incredible dedication that defines esports. Whether you're an experienced attendee or a first-time visitor, the atmosphere at The Internationals 12 promises to leave you feeling refreshed and motivated.

As we get closer to The International 2023, make sure to secure your special passes. Embrace the excitement, dive into the world of esports, and get ready to watch history being made right in front of you. With the clock ticking towards the upcoming TI, make sure you're part of the lively atmosphere, the sense of togetherness, and the sheer excitement that The International offers.

Don't forget, The International 2023 is calling you—get your passes and dive into the gaming phenomenon like never before. Your exciting adventure is waiting!


TI12 Ticket Prices: Grab Your Spot For Thrilling Live Dota 2
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