The International 2018 Is The Largest Esports Prize Pool Ever

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The International 2018 Is The Largest Esports Prize Pool Ever

DOTA 2 is known as the esport with the highest prize pools. This year, according to the official website, the prize pool has surpassed $24,800,000, making The International the highest prize pool esports tournament to date. According to the top 40 esports earners are DOTA 2 players. The second highest esports game tourney is the LoL World Championships which has a prize pool of over $5,000,000 USD.

The prize pool is made up of BattlePass purchases and $1.6 million that Valve includes as a flat rate. 25% of all BattlePass purchases go towards the prize pool. For every $10 of BattlePass purchases the winner will take home 11% of that or $1.10. The runner-up teams will make much less and that has been a controversial issue in the past.

The total prize pool will increase before the August 25th finals. Due to the massive prize pool Valve has given away 10,000 free battle points to all BattlePass owners and will include another 10,000 points if the prize pool surpasses $30,000,000. The winning team is expected to earn over $11,000,000.

Dota 2 The International Prize Pool
DOTA 2 The International Prize Pool


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