The International 11 Regional Qualifiers – China

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The International 11 Regional Qualifiers – China

RNGU managed to snag the last spot in China's Regional Qualifiers for The International 11.

The International 11 is knocking on the door because we have around a month from now until Dota 2’s biggest event. The very best teams in the world will gather in Singapore and try to win the most prestigious esports tournament. Aside from the fame, players also compete for a life-changing prize pool, which is already over $10,000,000 USD.

Before you take a look at some of the leading Dota 2 betting sites and see what they offer, you have to check all of the participants. We already know the names of those that received a direct invite. They achieved this by accumulating enough DPC points.

With that said, the Open Qualifiers will determine the remaining teams that will go up against the best in the world. We already know the results from South America and Eastern Europe, so it is time to focus on another popular region – China.

The top Chinese teams are always among the favorites for TI, so let’s learn more about what happened in the quals and which team will join Aster and PSG.LGD at TI 11.

Upper Bracket

When we looked at the Upper Bracket in the Chinese qualifiers, we found a lot of popular names. Aside from Royal Never Give Up, which ended up winning this event, we also had the chance to watch EHOME, Xtreme Gaming, Vici Gaming, and Invictus Gaming. All of them are legendary names in Dota 2 and have what it takes to win.

Interestingly, some of our favorites didn’t live up to the expectations and lost in the first round. Vici Gaming was probably the biggest disappointment because Erika and the rest failed to win against Aster.Aries.

Speaking of failing to win, EHOME also lost its match against CDEC, and iG failed to defeat Xtreme Gaming.

Upper Bracket Semifinals & Final

The semifinals in the Upper Bracket were interesting, to say the least. However, we didn’t see any surprises because Royal Never Give Up and Xtreme Gaming won their matches. 

Somnus and the rest had no problems against their counterparts and received a slot for the final. Xtreme Gaming had to work a bit harder to win, but the team used their DP, ES, and Trent core lineup two games in a row. CDEC also used the same draft, but they were unable to utilize it properly.

The Final in the Upper Bracket was the most interesting match yet because it was a deady three-game series. Things didn’t start well for RNG after they lost the first map. However, the team bounced back and won the next two games. This sent Xtreme Gaming to the LB, whereas Somnus and the rest received a slot for the Grand Final.

Lower Bracket

Round 1 of the Lower Bracket wasn’t as interesting because three teams received a free win. In fact, Team Fusion and Team Saiyan were the only two that had to fight, and the latter lost the match.

R2 of the Lower Bracket was definitely more interesting, especially for EHOME. Despite being one of the hidden favorites for the TI slot, zeal and the rest crumbled and lost the match against ShenZhen. The latter didn’t win easily, but their victory allowed them to eliminate one of the big names in China.

Vici Gaming death with Team Fusion, and iG managed to overcome LBZS after a three-game thrilled

Round 3 and Round 4 of the LB

The third round of the lower bracket allowed us to watch the fight between Ybb Gaming and Vici Gaming. Although Summer and the rest looked good, Vici showed its prowess and eliminated their opponents. 

The second match was between ShenZhen and IG, and as expected, TI 2 winners eliminated their opponents. Fy and his teammates had no problems and won both matches relatively easily.

Following R3, it was time for the quarter-finals. As expected, Vici and IG were victorious once again as they eliminated CDEC and Aster.Aries. Vici had almost no problems, but iG struggled and barely made it. However, the team’s experience helped it and gave them the chance to go up against Vici in the Semifinal.

LB Semifinal and Final

We expected a three-game match, but Vici Gaming was the better team in the series and won. Both games were pretty similar in terms of what happened. Vici relied on their Marci and Primal Beast and used these two heroes to the maximum. Despite their efforts, iG failed to win and lost its hopes of securing a slot for TI.

The bad news is that Vici was unable to get a slot for the big final after failing to win the LB one against Xtreme Gaming. Summer and the rest got there after losing to RNG and were eager to take revenge. Hence, it wasn’t surprising that Xtreme Gaming dominated in both games and won in 31 and 25 minutes, respectively.

The Grand Final

After dealing with Vici, Xtreme Gaming had the chance to fight against RNGU for a Grand Final slot. Fans were eager to see what would happen, and most of them probably rooted for Xtreme. However, Royal Never Give Up proved why they won the last Tour in the DPC and secured a clean 3-0 victory.

The first game was probably the easiest for Somnus and the rest because the team won after just 38 minutes. Their Bloodseeker and Puck combo was too strong even for Xtreme’s Lone Druid, who failed to shine.

Game 2 was way more interesting because both teams had good chances of winning. Xtreme gaming had a better draft to watch because of the Wombo Combo ultimates, but even this was not enough to defeat the powerful Bristleback and QoP combination.

After losing two games in a row, Xtreme Gaming were desperate to win this one, so they’ve picked PA, one of the new carriers in the meta. This surprised their opponents, but it was not enough to counter them as they got Necro and Bristleback.

Following 48 minutes of epic battles, Royal Never Give Up won the match and became the third Chinese team to attend The International 11. Xtreme Gaming and Vici will have one last chance to qualify for TI because they have to compete in the Last Chance qualifier.

The International 11 Regional Qualifiers – China
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