The Game Awards 2021: Fortnite Nominated For Best Community Support & Best Ongoing Game

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The Game Awards 2021: Fortnite Nominated For Best Community Support & Best Ongoing Game

The Game Awards 2021 has nominated Fortnite for two categories for this year's festivities.

Since 2017, Fortnite has been a dominant force in the gaming scene. Millions of people worldwide play the game every year and Epic Games has done a good job to keep it afloat. Fortnite generates billions in revenue every year—a testament to its staying power in the gaming space.

Regardless of the consensus opinion, Fortnite deserves recognition for what it has been able to maintain year in and year out. As a result, the popular Battle Royale title has received nominations for “Best Ongoing Game” and “Best Community Support” at The Game Awards 2021.

Best Ongoing Game

First up, Fortnite is in the conversation for Best Ongoing Game. The game was nominated for this category last year but lost to No Man’s Sky. It stands against Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Final Fantasy XIV Online and Genshin Impact for the award. Two of Fortnite’s four opponents — Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone — are in the same Battle Royale subgenre. As an ongoing game, Fortnite stands out in a significant way.

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Each season features new weapons, features, locations and wearable skins. Epic Games has also done an excellent job with its collaborations of late, which include Resident Evil, Naruto Shippuden, LeBron James and many more. It’ll be a tough category to conquer, considering the recent surge in popularity for Apex and Warzone. However, Fortnite’s presence on the list is a testament to what the game has accomplished over the last four years.

Best Community Support

Promo images for Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite and No Man's Sky appear with their title names under them on a blue background with the words "Best Community Support" above them.

The second and final nomination Fortnite received is for the Best Community Support category. Fortnite contended for this award last year but ultimately lost to Fall Guys. It’ll be a tall order to overcome opponents Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XIV and No Man’s Sky. Apex, in particular, saw a massive resurgence in 2021, and Respawn has stood behind the community every step of the way. Nonetheless, Epic Games has significantly improved work with the community in 2021, especially in the competitive scene.

No Esports Nominations for the Second Year

Fortnite did not receive a nomination for any esports category this year. As a competitive game, Fortnite has remained entirely online during the COVID-19 pandemic. A slew of online Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), DreamHack and third-party tournaments have held the entire scene since early 2020. For those reasons, the game has remained a silent force in esports, which likely contributed to its lack of a nomination.

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Other titles such as Call of Duty and League of Legends figured out how to host LAN tournaments. Fortnite will return to an offline environment later this month for the first time since the pandemic began, so be on the lookout for some significant events and hopefully an esports resurgence of sorts in 2022.

Fortnite received one less nomination than last year, but it remains a popular title four years into its life. Be sure to visit The Game Awards website to cast your vote for all 30 categories. All winners will be announced on December 9, 2021, on Twitch.

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