The Five CSGO Community Maps You Should Test

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The Five CSGO Community Maps You Should Test

Community maps have been a staple of CSGO since the very start. Here are our five favorite ones to play right now.

One of the reasons why so many people love Counter-Strike is because the game allows the community to develop new ideas. This was true in the game’s previous versions, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it applies to CSGO. Even though official tournaments and matchmaking only take place on maps approved by Valve, people can still have loads of fun while playing.

Speaking of having fun, CSGO has some fantastic community maps that are definitely worth checking. Some of you probably know some of the options listed here, but we know that many users new to the game haven’t had the chance to test them yet. So, let’s go over five CSGO community maps you should try. ]

Recoil Master

If you are new to the game and want to improve, you must play Recoil Master. This is probably the best map in the game when it comes down to practice because it gives you the chance to test your recoil.

The map is just a few MBs, but once you get it, you can use it to test all sorts of things. For example, the map will let you add things like moving targets. 

The map may not seem attractive on paper, but it definitely has a role in improving your gameplay. Hence, many people spend hours practicing before they start playing with other players.

You can do all sorts of things while practicing, such as using specific weapons from a long or close distance, spraying from weird angles, and so on.

Yprac Practise Maps

If you want to play CSGO and reach the highest possible ranks, you need to know what you’re doing. Some people prefer to take the long road and play as much as possible until they get better. While this often has good results, you can take advantage of the unique Yprac Practise Maps and improve much faster without losing any games.

These CSGO maps allow people to practice different things while playing all the game's competitive maps. The idea is to learn how to hold certain points, throw your utilities, peek, and so on.

What’s interesting about these maps is that you can spend hours and still find something that you haven’t tried yet. All you need to do is decide which competitive map you want and download it.

Fast Aim

If you have problems with your aim and want to get better at CSGO, you will find some exciting options. In fact, the maps mentioned above will also help you improve, but there is an even better option that’s mainly focused on improving your aim.

The mao is known as Fast Aim, and it lets you kill bots who will run at you all the time. Once you start using it, you will be spawned in the middle of the map and have to kill as many bots as possible.

People always use this map when they want to ensure that they’ve warmed up before playing. It is probably a good idea to do the same because it will greatly help you. The map is similar to DeathMatch, but you won’t play against real players, which is a plus for some CSGO fans.


If Fast Aim doesn’t seem that interesting because you have to stand still, there is a pretty cool alternative that you can put to the test. Aim_beat offers a realistic experience where you can play against bots who will shoot at you and try to kill you from all angles. 

Another thing that makes this map better than many of its alternatives on which it is based is its difficulty. Some of you may be surprised, but it is not easy to learn how to properly play on this map. It forces you to have good crosshair placement, which is great because you can get better at the game. 

Of course, another advantage of using this map is that you can play when you want to. Since it is versus bots, you can use it all the time.


Lastly, we have one of the most popular training maps for CSGO. Aim_botz became extremely popular a couple of years ago, and it is for a reason. The map allows people to test their skills with all sorts of weapons and practice almost everything they can.

You can become a better aimer, learn how to spray, peek, land headshots easier, and many other things. 

The Five CSGO Community Maps You Should Test
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