The Finals Players Want Recon Senses Removed Despite Nerfs

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The Finals Players Want Recon Senses Removed Despite Nerfs

Despite being nerfed, The Finals players want the Recon Senses specialization to be removed

The Finals is one of the most popular games in the first-person shooter genre. After its release last year, developers from Embark Studios have kept their eyes and ears open for feedback from the community to continuously work on improving their game. Issues related to balancing, bugs, lack of content and cheating have surfaced over the past month. Despite resolving most of the problems and keeping their game in a healthy state, some players weren’t satisfied. Another controversial issue among the players was a specialization for Medium builds known as Recon Senses. Despite getting severely nerfed and adjusted, the call for removing it is still on.

So let’s take a deep dive and learn more about the issue regarding Recon Senses and its potential solutions.

The Finals Players Want Recon Senses Removed

Recon Senses is one of the many specializations available for Medium build players in the game. It works similar to the Tracking Dart. After activation, it will highlight enemies close by through walls for a short time. As the distance between the user of the specialization and the enemy increases, the signal becomes weaker.

The Finals Players Want Recon Senses Removed Despite Nerfs
Credit: Embark Studios

The key difference between Recon Senses and the Tracking Dart is that the dart highlights the entire enemy's outline. Therefore, the tagged opponent’s every movement can be seen from a distance and even through walls. Recons Senses can spot multiple enemies but only shows them as a blur. It also lasts for however long the ability is activated. This is very different from the Tracking Dart’s 30-second margin.

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Recon Senses Spamming

After the initial stages of the game, when the players had gotten used to all the destruction,  utilities and chaos that occurs in a regular game, numerous issues were seen regarding this specialization. Players were calling it “cancerous” as it was being spammed and gave the users too much information that they could react upon.

After examining the issue, major nerfs were implemented to it’s range. Alongside that, a warning was issued to anyone who was being detected by Recon Senses. Despite the nerfs many still claim that it is way too unbalanced and is still very spammable.

The Finals Players Want Recon Senses Removed Despite Nerfs
Credit: Embark Studios

These have led numerous players from the game’s fan base demanding for the specialization to be removed. Many have suggested alternate methods for fixing it. For example: many have suggested that it can be turned into a tool or gadget that can be used once for a one-time pulse.

Regardless of how it gets fixed, there is no denying the fact that players are very unhappy with how the game and its players are suffering because of issues like this.

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The Finals Players Want Recon Senses Removed Despite Nerfs
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