The Finals Update 1.6 Notes Introduces Steal The Spotlight Event And More

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The Finals Update 1.6 Notes Introduces Steal The Spotlight Event And More

The Finals Update 1.6 Patch Notes reveal the addition of a new Steal The Spotlight Event, remove the Solo Bank It mode and include a plethora of weapon and gadget balance changes.

Update 1.6 is the major mid-season update drop for the Finals, and it replaces the newly launched Solo Bank It mode with Steal the Spotlight event. On the other hand, Recon Senses have also been nerfed. The recon senses was considered too overpowered, andthe devs had addressed this in the last specialization now has a range limit set to 30 metres and players outside of this range will remain undetected. Detected players will now see a new warning text on their HUD.

The game also includes a list of refinements to close-ranged aim assistance, also, player using a controller can now use gyro controls for supported gamepads. The new update also adds 10 levels to the Career Rank with additional rewards while also making it easier for newcomers to get into the Ranked tournament, reducing the number of required rounds t 45 from 60.

The Finals Steal The Spotlight Mode

The Steal the Spotlight mode can be located in the  ‘Quickplay’ tab under ‘play’ on the main menu. Select it and then queue up for a game. Players should note Solo Bank It mode, this mode is also a limited time mode, and is not here to stay for long. It might be introduced later in the game and improved upon as the devs gather feedback from the players. The Bank It mode lasted for two weeks in the game, and we expect a similar time frame for this mode to last in the game as well.

What is the Steal The Spotlight mode?

The Finals Steal the Spotlight mode follows the same format as Solo Bank It mode. Players must collect coins and bank them at the available limited-time Cashouts that pop up on the map.Players land with  a random pre-made loadout on lights-out darker version of the Las Vegas map.

The Finals Update 1.6 Notes Balance Changes


Dome Shield
Dome Shields will now use squad colors if the ‘Use Enemy Squad Colors’ setting is enabled

Vanishing Bomb
Increased the invisibility interrupt grace period for teammates from 0.65s to 0.8s (+)
Increased the invisibility interrupt grace period for the player from 0s to 0.35s (+)
Increased the duration of Vanishing Bomb invisibility on teammates from 5s to 6s (+)

The game also improves placement validation for ziplines.

Recon Senses now have a range limit set to 30m. Players outside of this range will not be detected. All the players detected by Recon Senses ability will now see ‘Detected’ warning text on their HUD.

Besides, the game also ships item tutorial videos for the following list of availabe items in-game, in the latest patch. The complete list of items which have tutorial videos in the latest The Finals Patch 1.6 Update can be found below.

  • APS Turret Gas
  • Grenade
  • Glitch Grenade
  • Glitch Trap
  • Goo Gun
  • Motion Sensor
  • Pyro Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Sonar Grenade
  • Thermal Vision

The developers improve existing maps such as Las Vegas, Argo Casino, the Eastwood Casino and Glamora Casino. The game removes some chairs on some locations to make it easier to jump in and out of cashier booths. The game also makes traversal really easy and updates several zip points on various ziplines, and removes some doors and adds decals to some windows. The game also removes the turrets and tripwires map variant in Quick Cash, Bank It and tournament and Ranked tournament modes amongst other things.

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