Best Gadgets in The Finals

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Best Gadgets in The Finals

Here are the best Gadgets for all classes in the Season 1 of The Finals

In The Finals, each build has three parts: Specialization, Weapon and Gadgets. Some Gadgets are only available for a specific class – such as the Vanishing Bomb of Light builds. In contrast, a few can be used by all three classes.

These utilities play a vital role in the gameplay of The Finals, and some of them are more useful than the rest in the game's current meta. In this guide, you will find which Gadgets are the best options for Light, Medium and Heavy classes.

Top Gadgets Across All Classes

A few Gadgets in The Finals are accessible for all builds, such as Pyro Grenades. Here are the best options:

Gas Grenade

Best Gadgets in The Finals

Gas Grenades deal incredible damage in an area over time and are heavily used in the game to defend Cashout Stations and take control of an area for a long time. After deploying a Gas Grenade, toxic gas is spread in a small area for 10 seconds, dealing damage to anyone inside.

One of the drawbacks of this Gadget is that it can be countered with fire from Pyro Grenades or fire barrels.

Frag Grenade

The good old Frag Grenade is always a suitable option to deal damage to enemies. While not as helpful as other explosives in the game to destroy your surrounding structures, it is precise and can be thrown far to take away a good chunk of the enemy’s health bar.

One of the best instances of using a Frag Grenade is when an enemy is hiding behind cover, and you want them to come out in the open. You could also use it to stop Cashout Steals or deal damage to enemies hiding inside a room.

Pyro Grenade

Best Gadgets in The Finals

Pyro Grenades may just be the best Gadget that’s available for every class. It spreads damaging flames in an area and will spread wider when deployed around trees and grass. Moreover, the fire from Pyro Grenades is an effective counter to poison gas in the game, and it can also burn down Goo from the Goo Gun or Grenade very quickly.

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Best Gadget for Light Builds

Here are the top Gadgets that are exclusive to Light Builds:

1. Stun Gun

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The Stun Gun is one of the most powerful Gadgets in The Finals, and it makes sense why the weakest class in the game can hold it. When shot by this weapon, it allows a Light player to defeat even a Heavy Build in a 1v1. From the enemy’s point of view, getting shot by a Stun Gun will:

  • Slow down movement
  • Disable ADS (aiming down sights)
  • Prevent using abilities and Gadgets
  • Prevent stealing Cashouts
  • Prevent reviving teammates

To effectively use the Stun Gun, you must be close to an enemy.

2. Glitch Grenade

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221806.101

The Glitch Grenade does wonders during a planned attack. This Gadget explodes 1.8 seconds after being thrown, and the enemies caught in its explosion cannot use any Gadget or Specialization for 10 seconds. Moreover, alongside preventing enemies from using abilities, it also disables mines and turrets placed by an opponent caught in the blast.

3. Vanishing Bomb

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221823.205

The Vanishing Bomb explodes instantly on contact and keeps you and your teammates caught in its blast radius invisible for 5 seconds. While it may appear identical to the cloaking ability of Ligth Builds, there are a few differences:

  • You won’t make any sound while invisible
  • It works on teammates
  • The duration of invisibility is much lower than the cloaking ability

This utility is excellent for either running away from an unfavorable fight or catching opponents off-guard while attacking.

Best Gadget for Medium Builds

Here are the top Gadgets for Medium Builds:

1. Defibrillator

The Defibrillator is arguably the best Gadget in the game. It instantly revives a teammate with 40% of their max health, and people use it even during a fight to get a player advantage. With Medium Builds, you can use the Defibrillator to instantly revive a teammate and then apply Healing Beam to get them up to full HP. This will save much more time than a regular revive.

If you didn’t know, the Defibrillator can also inflict 50 damage when used on an enemy.

2. Jump Pad

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221749.494

The Jump Pad is an excellent utility to traverse the map with swiftness. It can be placed on the ground and even on walls and can also be picked up if you have positioned it incorrectly. In a game where having the high ground determines victory, Jump Pads prove themselves to be extremely valuable.

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3. Tracking Dart

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221816.088

The Tracking Dart comes with the scope of a sniper and tracks enemies through walls for 15 seconds when shot by it. This is one of the most underrated Gadgets in The Finals, as most players like to have grenades or other utilities in their remaining slot. Moreover, Medium’s Recon Senses Specialization does the same job but better, showing you all players through walls.

However, the Tracking Dart is excellent in many ways. Firstly, you can see the marked enemy much cleared through wallas compared to Recon Senses, and it also lasts longer. If you manage to mark two players of a team with this weapon, it will either get them killed or leave them unable to do anything besides sitting behind a wall.

Best Gadget for Heavy Builds

These Gadgets are the best option for Heavy Builds:

1. Dome Shield

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221741.727

The omnidirectional Dome Shield is an excellent tool for you and your teammates to provide cover from damage. It blocks bullets and grenades while you can shoot through the bubble. This shield can take up to 300 damage before going down.

You could use the Dome Shield in the following instances:

  • Reviving teammates who died in the open
  • Isolating enemies in 3v3
  • Stealing Cashouts
  • Allowing your team to pass through an area without getting shot

2. C4

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221730.783

The C4 charge deals 210 damage, and you can plant two of them. While this Gadget was intended to destroy buildings and the game's environment, players have created what’s called a “nuke” with the utility.

While C4 cannot be thrown very far, you can deploy two of them on a barrel, allowing you to pick up the barrel and toss it in a good distance. This meta made C4 charges similar to grenades, only much more powerful as a “nuke” is able to kill most players with one shot. As long as the C4 does not get nerfed, it will be one of the strongest Gadgets for Heavy players.

3. RPG-7

pasted image 0 2024 01 11T221811.912

You are fighting a Heavy player, and just when you think you are about to win the duel, they pull out an RPG from nowhere that can deal 150 damage in one shot. The RPG-7 kills Light players with one shot and heavily damages Medium players. Moreover, it’s an effective tool to destroy floating structures or blow holes through buildings.

Keep an eye on ESTNN for more guides and news on The Finals.

Best Gadgets in The Finals
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