The Biggest Losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.33d

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The Biggest Losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.33d

Analyzing the hardest-hit Heroes of Dota 2’s Patch 7.33d

Balance changes are part and parcel of Dota 2. While some can make the game more tolerable after weeks or months of dominance by an overpowered Hero, others can pump up a struggling straggler from the lower end of the Hero pick rates. Whether you play a Hero or not, it’s important to know what changes they’ve been through in the latest patch. Failure to do so might either have you pick one that’s freshly gone out of the meta with a bad nerf, or underestimate one on the other team that’s been beefed up without your knowledge. 

With patch 7.33d freshly out, we took a look at the changelog and found the biggest losers of the patch. These are Heroes you should both avoid and take advantage of when an opponent picks, so pay attention.


The badass Universal horseman has taken quite a beating in this patch, with his base attack speed being reduced by over fifth and Curse of Avernus’ Bonus Basic Slow from Aghanim’s Shard also being cut into half. The first of these changes will all but destroy any chances of playing him as a Carry. If that wasn’t enough, the Mana cost of Aphotic Shield has also been increased by 10 at all levels — which should make laning a nightmare. If you’re still hoping you can save him, several of his talents have also been nerfed.

Dota 2 - Abaddon rides into battle in Diretide - ft


Another Hero that has received several nerfs, Clinkz’s recently acquired Tar Bomb has had its mana cost increased by 5 at all levels. Additionally, his Burning Skeletons Archers now have a targeting priority identical to that of Shadow Shaman’s Serpent Wards, which means focusing on a Hero will require more micro. These Archers are also more susceptible to Hero damage now, requiring two Hero or Roshan hits to kill instead of 3. Lastly, Skeleton Walk has also received a slight downgrade of 5% move speed.


Doom’s changes this patch aren’t as much about his stats as they’re about his spells, but just to be thorough, his Base Armor has been lessened by a single point. As for his kit, Devour now gives a whopping 35 gold less at the highest level despite giving slightly more than before at lower ones. To add injury to this insult, the movement speed from Scorched Earth has been cut down by over a fourth, and even the Level 15 Talent has been reduced to just 7%. Don’t expect to run and gun with this guy anymore.


The silent anime sidekick has been devastated in this patch, losing a decent bit of Strength and Agility Gain and having both effects of her Aghanim’s Scepter nerfed significantly. As if she hadn’t had enough, her talents have also received a slight hit. Marci has been out of the pro meta for a little while, and this won’t do that status any favors.



The bane of Patch 7.33 as a whole, and we don’t mean the infamous fiend, Medusa has received multiple changes that feel like mere slaps on the wrist. From Mystic Snake’s laughably mild Mana Gain reduction to Mana Shield only receiving a nerf as far as Illusions are concerned, many believe Medusa deserved a little more bashing. Additionally, Stone Gaze’s Stun duration now scales up to its max value, and the duration increase talent has also been cut by half a second. Overall, Medusa will certainly be easier to deal with, but still very much viable.

Queen of Pain 

You know a Hero is pretty strong when a decades-old aspect of it is changed. Akasha’s Blink now costs 65 Mana points, so when you’re a couple of hits away from death and are smashing the button for it at 58-59 Mana hoping for a miracle, we have bad news for you. QoP has also had the initial damage of her Shadow Strike reduced significantly, while her talents have also received a few nerfs.


These little menaces have been insufferable as always in recent patches, and the Hero (or Heroes) has been punished with some much-needed reductions to its kit. The slightly less attack speed is barely worth mentioning, but the considerably less Sticky Bomb damage and lower Stun duration from Blast Off will definitely make a few Techies players rethink their strategies.

1 Dota2 Techies

Void Spirit

Arguably the most-nerfed Hero of the patch, Void Spirit’s Base Strength and Strength Gain have both been reduced, making him considerably squishier. If you thought that was bad, his Intelligence Gain has been massacred with a 0.8 point/Level subtraction. Moreover, Dissimilate now costs a constant 130 Mana, and Astral Step’s damage has been reduced by 20. We’re not done yet, because now the Outer Dissimilate Ring talent isn’t available till Level 20, and the additional Resonant Pulse Damage is now just +70. Good luck picking this schmuck.


It’s annoying as hell when an already squishy Hero is made even more fragile. Windranger’s Strength Gain is now a sixth less, while her Base Attack Speed has also been reduced slightly. It’s possible that Jake “SirActionSlacks” Kanner had a hand in making this patch, because Scepter-empowered Windrun now features less damage reduction than before, while Focus Fire’s damage output has also been cut down by a decent amount.

Dota 2 - Windranger stuns enemies using Shackleshot Dota 2 patch 7.33d

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The Biggest Losers of Dota 2 Patch 7.33d
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