The Best CSGO Setup You Should Use

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The Best CSGO Setup You Should Use

CSGO isn't the easiest game to learn. In this guide, we'll give you the best CSGO setup to help you climb the ranks.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular shooters in the world and among the biggest esports. Unsurprisingly, many people play this game to get better and reach the Global Elite or even become professional players. Besides the fact that they need to know the ins and outs of the game and everything about the weapons, they also need to have the right setup. That’s why we will go over a couple of essential things.

Having access to the best setup for you can make a massive difference in your win and loss rating. We’ve seen many examples where people with a better setup are way more successful than those using random things. Despite that, many players underestimate this and think that it doesn’t matter what they use.

The idea of this article is to show you an example of a setup that is used by some of the best players in the world. Needless to say, everyone has his own personal preferences, so you need to adjust everything so that it works for you.

Best CSGO Setup – Your gear

The first thing we’d like to start with is the gear you’re using. Having access to the right mouse, mousepad, keyboard, and headset can make a huge difference in CSGO. This is true for pretty much any other eSport, but it is definitely valid for CSGO because this game requires you to have the best gear possible.

Starting with the mousepad, everyone has different preferences but can divide them into two big groups – soft and hard. The soft ones usually include cloth pads that are cheaper and much more comfortable, at least for most players. As for the hard ones, they are supposed, designed for people who want more accuracy and faster movement. 

We’ve used loads of mouse pads over the years, and it seems like the cloth ones are better. Furthermore, they are cheaper and easier to maintain. On top of that, these pads also last much longer, which is always a plus.

Best CSGO Setup – Mouse

The next thing that is extremely important for every CSGO player is the mouse. Some people will say that having a good CSGO mouse is probably the most essential thing, and we can agree. 

Choosing a mouse that you’re comfortable with is not that easy because there are tons of options on the market. Many people try to copy some of the best in the world simply by the gaming gear they’re using. This may be helpful in some instances, but it is usually not the case. The fact that something is suitable for a given pro player doesn’t always mean it will work for you.

The best thing you can do if you decide to buy a new mouse is to go to the store and test it yourself. Once you grab it, you can instantly tell whether the given option is for you. Of course, there are certain brands that are known for offering better products than others, so keep that in mind.

The last important thing we’d like to point out about the mouse is that you can choose between a Wired and a Wireless version. Players like s1mple are known for using a wireless mouse, but most other pro players prefer the wired version. Both have pros and cons, so it comes down to personal preferences.

Best CSGO Setup – Desk

It is hard to believe that some of the world’s leading gaming gear manufacturers actually came out with the so-called “gaming desks”. Although we are skeptical about them and whether they are worth it, many people purchase them because they look cool and even have RGB. 

Choosing a desk for CSGO should not be that hard because all you need to worry about is whether it is big enough. The size of the desk depends on a couple of factors, including the number of monitors.

Best CSGO Setup – Keyboard

One of the things we’d like to address is that having a good keyboard definitely makes a difference in CSGO. Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked pieces of hardware when it comes down to this game. Most people only focus on the mouse and forget that having a good keyboard can make a massive difference while playing.

Nowadays, keyboards are way more advanced than before and offer tons of cool features and options. Starting with the fact that all of them have macro keys, you can use them to combine different things. The best gaming keyboards also have something called “anti-ghosting”, which means that your PC won’t bug if you press multiple keys at the same time.

One of the most important things you have to consider before getting a keyboard is whether you want to use a membrane or a mechanical version. Some people prefer the first option because it is cheaper, whereas others are fans of the mechanical ones because they last longer.


Best CSGO Setup – Headset

Many CSGO players are of the opinion that the headset might be even more significant than the mouse. CSGO is a game where having access to good sound can make a huge difference. That’s one of the reasons why the headset is usually the most expensive piece of your gaming gear. Some top options on the market cost well over $1000, which is a lot of money.

Modern gaming headsets feature unique options that allow you to be way more precise when playing. Aside from the quality of the sound, you can use sound accuracy to determine your opponents’ positions. This makes a huge difference while playing, and it is one of the reasons why so many people invest a lot of money into it.

Best CSGO Setup – Monitor

The last important thing we’d like to point out in this CSGO setup guide is related to your monitor. Old-school players remember the monitors we had access to, and it is safe to say that they were terrible. However, modern tech allows us to use options that offer fantastic resolutions.

Speaking of CSGO resolutions, most top players prefer to use lower ones because it allows them to be better at the game. Some players do that because games like 1.6 were played in lower ress, so they are more used to it.

With that said, one of the most essential things to look for when choosing a monitor for CSGO is the Hz. Having access to more Hz will greatly impact your success rate.

The Best CSGO Setup You Should Use
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