The AMD anti lag CS2 feature Can Lead to a Ban

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The AMD anti lag CS2 feature Can Lead to a Ban

Valve warned CS2 players that use AMD that the cs2 anti lag option could result in a ban. Click to learn more about the issue and see what we expect to happen.

Even though nVidia is the world’s leading GPU provider, a lot of Counter-Strike 2 players are also using AMD. If you are among them, you are probably aware of the AMD anti lag CS2 problem that became popular a couple of days ago. Although this CS2 AMD feature is great, the problem is that it triggers Valve’s Anti Chat (VAC), which means that the system considers people using it as cheaters.

What’s AMD Anti Lag+?

AMD Anti Lag+ is an option that changes some of the DLL functions. Every experienced CS player knows that Valve has always considered DLL reroutes as some form of cheating, which means that it will take action against those doing it. As a result, CS2 players using the AMD anti lag option can get in trouble.

AMD anti Lag CS2 ban wave

The CS2 community learned about the problems after a Reddit post where it became clear that a lot of players received VAC bans because of the AMD anti lag CS2 option. According to the information, the driver that contains the specific feature is 23.10.1, so be very careful if you are using it. 

Needless to say, Valve was quick to respond by saying that it will do everything it can to remove the bans associated with the AMD anti lag feature. In fact, the company even made a post on Twitter where it explained the issue and said that it would take action as soon as AMD releases the new update. In other words, those who received a ban from the CS2 anti lag feature will just have to wait.

How to disable the AMD Anti Lag CS2 feature?

To disable this option, you have to press Alt and L or simply open Radeon’s software. Once there, look for the Anti-Lag+ feature and disable it. 

Keep in mind that the CS2 community is waiting for AMD”s new updates, so we this feature may become useful in the future. Until then, it’s better to avoid this AMD anti lag option if you want to save your steam profile from receiving a ban,


The AMD anti lag CS2 feature Can Lead to a Ban
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