TFT Set 8 PBE Build Reveals Final Changes in Upcoming Set

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TFT Set 8 PBE Build Reveals Final Changes in Upcoming Set

The post-Thanksgiving TFT Set 8 PBE Build nclude a slew of final balance changes locked-in for the live-server release of Monsters Attack!

After the a week-long Thanksgiving break, Lead Game Designer Stephen Mortdog revealed the potential “final’ set of major changes to a variety of champions within the Set 8 meta. Through a twitter post, Mortdog gave TFT fans a detailed preview of the extensive list of balance changes in the November 29 PBE build.

TFT Set 8 PBE Build Champion Changes

A variety of champions including Gangplank, Poppy and Renekton receive nerfs to balance them before the Set 8 launch. On the other hand, Senna and Kaisa receive Attack Damage buffs across the board. By introducing Hero Augments, Riot’s TFT team has given players a new mechanic to overpower their units with. The full list of Hero Augments in TFT’s Set 8 can be viewed by clicking here.

Spell Damage: 220/330/500 changed to 200/300/450

Empowered Auto AD%: 140%  changed to 150%

AS: 0.65 changed to 0.7

Mana: 50/100 changed to 40/90
Shield Duration: Infinite changed to 3 seconds

Spell HP Bonus: 250/350/450  changed to 240/320/400

Armor & MR: 40 changed to 45
Spell Healing: 130/150/180  changed to 150/175/200

Health: 550 changed to 600

Mana: 0/65>>> 20/80
Spell Shield: 375/450/550 changed to 325/400/500

Spell AD%: 202/222/252 changed to 180/200/225%

Mana: 0/50  changed to 0/55

Mana: 0/80  changed to 30/80
Armor & MR: 40 changed to 45

Spell Damage: 125/185/300 changed to140/210/335

AD: 60 changed to 50
Spell Shield: 325/400/500 changed to 275/350/450

AS: 0.65 changed to 0.7
Spell Damage: 235/350/565 changed to 255/385/600

AD: 40 changed to 35

Mana: 30/100 changed to 30/90
Spell Shield: 275/350/450 changed to 325/400/500

AD: 65>>> 70

Damage: 130/200/340 changed to 150/225/395
Damage: 90/135/225 changed to 100/150/265

Mana: 0/25 changed to 0/30

Aurelion Sol
Spell Damage: 200/300/600 changed to 180/270/550

TFT Set 8 PBE Build Trait Changes

Ace Execute Threshold: 10/30% changed to 12/30%

ADMIN 6 Piece Multiplier: +60% changed to +80%

On Combat Start, Whole Team Gains X

Mana: 20 changed to 25

AP: 20 changed to 30

AD: 20% changed to 30%

AS: 20% changed to 25%

Permanent HP: 30 changed to 20

On Combat Start, ADMIN Units Gain X

Teamfight Tactics Global Set Championship Dates Revealed

AP: 35 changed to 40

AD: 35% changed to 40%

Permanent HP: 50 changed to 40

Everv 5 seconds, Whole Team Gains X

Heal: 100 changed to 150 HP

AP: 10 changed to 12

AD: 10% changed to 12%

Permanent HP: 10 changed to 7

Every 5 seconds, ADMIN Units Gain X

Heal: 200 changed to 250 HP

AP: 15 changed to 12

.AS: 20% changed to 15%

When player drops below 40% HP, ADMIN Units Gain X

%HP Shield: 50% changed to 35%

AD: 60% changed to 75%

AS: 100% changed to 75%

On Kill, the champ who landed the killing blow Gains X

Heal: 200 changed to 350

Mana: 20 changed to 30

.Chance to Drop Gold: 25% changed to 33%

Permanent HP• 10 changed to 18

On Spellcast, your ADMIN units gain X

Heal: 200 changed to 150


Bonus HP: 20/35/60/90% changed to 20/40/70/111%

CivilianMana Per sec: 2/5/10 changed to 2/4/10

Defender Base Armor: 30/75/125 changed to 30/80/200


Omnivamp: 20/45/75% changed to 15/40/70%


AP Per Cast: 4/8/12 changed to 4/6/9

Mascot Base Heal: 1.5/3.5/6/10% changed to1.5/3.25/6.5/12%

Ox Force Base AS: 20/40/100/200changed to 20/50/100/200


Dummy HP: 500 changed to 350

Heal: 500 changed to 350


Base Damage Amp: 30/60% changed to 40/80%

Alone Damage Amp: 30/60% changed to 20/40%


AD: 12/25% changed to 10/20%


Locks Per Heist: 9 changed to 10


Chalice of Power

AP: 20 changed to 25

Last Whisper

Bonus AD: 15% changed to 10%

Rabadon's Deathcap

Total AP: 65 changed to 70

Statikk Shiv

Bonus AP: 20 changed to 15

Thieves Gloves

Removed some non intuitive item combos from item table

Gadgeteen Warmogs

HP Regen: 1% per sec changed to 0.5% per sec

Ornn Anima Visage

HP Regen: 5% per sec changed to 4% per sec

Ornn Eternal Winter

Slow Duration: 2 changed to 1.5 sec

Freeze Duration: 2 changed to 1.5 sec

Ornn Obsidian Cleaver

Armor/MR shred: 60% changed to 50%

Ornn The Collector

Execute Threshold: 10% changed to 12%

Double Up Changes

Gift Armory

Loaded Dice removed as a gift from all armories.

Champion Duplicator removed as a gift from the first armory.

Player Damage

Base player damage taken when losing a PvP combat round increased to match the increase in damage in standard TFT.

Stage 3: 2 > 3

Stage 4:3 > 4

Stage 5:5 > 6

Stage 6: 8 > 9

TFT Set 8 PBE Build Bug Fixes

  • Cho'Gath will only cast his spell when in range
  • Lulu will only cast her spell when in range
  • Talon spell now works with Scoped Weapons Il
  • Exiles no longer considers summons like Hackerim when calculating if a unit is alone.
  • Blitzcrank  Rocket Grab: Fixed a bug where it would sometimes pull the wrong target
  • Samira  Style and Flair: Fixed a bug where her spell could fail to give her Mana properly when scoring takedowns during her cast time
  • Hackerim should no longer take enemy units
  • Gadgeteen Spear of Shojin now gives 20 mana like the base item
  • Binary Airdrop now correctly gives 1 item component
  • Zed with full mana as a hacker rider will target enemies in the backline with his spell
  • Hacker riders should more consistently target enemies in the backline at the start of combat.
  • Global change to crit percent overflow to damage conversion, primarily affects recon units
  • Typo fix in Anima Squad tooltip
  • Punch Protocol (Sett Hero Augment) now properly only knocks back 1 target and only executes targets that are at the edge of the arena.
  • Everything Goes On Arena  Fixed a bug related to the music transitions not playing correctly when scouting.
  • Fixed a bug where Bel'Veth sometimes wouldn't cast with increased range
  • Fiddlesticks pulled in by Syndra now activates at 60% Health and can gain AP from dead allies
  • Overlocked Sunfire Cape now correctly applies a burn only once per second.
  • Double Up: Fixed an issue where the stats and/or effects of many champion support hero augments would continue to work when a unit was given to your partner via Rune of
  • Allegiance. The following champion's support augments have been fixed.
    Annie, Aphelios, Ashe, Camille, ChoGath, Draven, Fiora, Galio, Gangplank, Jax, Jinx, LeeSin, Leona, Lulu, Malphite, Nasus, Nunu, Rammus, Rell, Samira, Sett, Sivir, Soraka, Syndra, Talon, Vayne, Viego, Yasuo, Yuumi, Zed
  • Civilian: Minor changes to Trait Celebration SFX
    Forecaster: Minor changes to Trait Celebration SFX
    Mascot: Minor changes to the SFX that play when a Mascot dies and retreats to the sidelines.
Teamfight Tactics Global Set Championship Dates Revealed

When Does Monsters Attack! Release?

TFT’s Set 8, titled Monsters Attack is slated to hit live servers worldwide on December 7, 2022. Players gear up for the next big set update as TFT’s Set 7.5 draws to a close. Fans can check the best Hero Augments to try out in our opinion by clicking here.

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