Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Patch Notes and 14.10B Patch Notes

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Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Patch Notes and 14.10B Patch Notes
Here are your Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Patch Notes.

Teamfight Tactics 14.10B Patch Notes


  • Trickshot Damage: 40/50%  40/55%


  • Lillia Ability small orb damage: 120/180/600% AP  110/165/600% AP
  • Ornn Mana: 80/120  80/130
  • Syndra Ability starting butterflies: 8  7

Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Patch Notes

Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Patch Notes


Prismatic Orbs

 We want Prismatic Orbs to feel as exciting as their visuals make them seem, but with their current frequency and power they feel too standardized. It’s time to add the Wow-factor back in to make Prismatic Orb lobbies feel much more Prism-like (err, I mean Prismatic) and rare.

  • Prismatic Orbs no longer drop from Krugs (Stage 2)
  • Prismatic Orbs now drop much less often (~20% as often as before)
  • Prismatic Orbs Average gold value: 24g  40g


  • Aatrox XP/Gold/Health choices Health 15 >> 10

Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Major Changes

 Large, like the big stuff that matters most.


  •  Behemoth Buff Duration: 5  8 sec
  • Behemoth Base Armor & MR: 25/55/80  25/55/85
  • Exalted Base Damage Amp: 5%  7%
  • Ghostly instances before ghosts spawn: 6  5
  • Inkshadow Bonus Damage & Damage Resistance: 5/10/20%  5/15/20%
  • Mythic Base AD & AP: 10/20/32  11/22/35
  • Porcelain Damage Reduction: 20/35/50  20/33/50
  • Porcelain Attack Speed: 30/60/100  30/55/100
  • Reaper Base Crit Gain: 20%  25%
  • Reaper 4 Piece True Damage: 45%  50%
  • Sniper Damage Per Hex: 7/15/30  8/18/35%
  • Storyweaver 5 Kayle ability damage: 225% AP  250% AP
  • Storyweaver Tome of Swiftness damage increase: 10%  20%
  • Storyweaver Tome of Mending revive time: 8 seconds  7 seconds
  • Trickshot 4 Piece Bonus Damage: 60%  50%
  • Umbral Shield: 200/500/1000  200/450/900
  • Warden Start of Combat Damage Reduction Bonus: 15%  18%
  • Warden Base Damage Reduction: 10/20/33%  10/22/35%


  • Ahri Spell Damage: 280/420/630  300/450/675
  • Ahri Secondary Damage: 130/195/295  150/225/335
  • Garen Mana buff: 30/80  30/70
  • Jax Spell Armor & MR Granted: 60  90
  • Kobuko Mana buff: 30/80  30/70
  • Rek'Sai Mana buff: 40/100  40/90
  • Rek'Sai Spell Armor & MR Granted: 50  75
  • Yasuo Base Shield Value: 175/200/250  225/250/300
  • Yasuo Fated Shield Value: 300  250


  • Aatrox AS: 0.65  0.7
  • Aatrox max Mana buff: 40/90  0/60
  • Aatrox Spell Heal: 200/250/300  120/140/180
  • Gnar Spell AD Gain per stack: 2.5%  2%
  • Kindred Primary Spell Damage: 125/185/285  135/200/300
  • Neeko Spell Healing: 275/300/350  300/350/400
  • Teemo Spell Damage: 380/570/1050  400/600/1150
  • Yorick Mana buff: 40/90  40/80


 Increasing Zoe’s ricochet (secondary) damage will allow her to snowball fights harder making her a reroll carry who’ll make great use of your items—especially since we’re slightly lowering the damage of her initial cast.

  • Soraka Primary Spell Damage: 230/345/550  260/390/600
  • Zoe Primary Spell Damage: 290/435/695  280/420/650
  • Zoe Ricochet Damage: 95/140/225  140/210/325


 Right now the meta is too dependent on 4-costs, especially the tanks. While we're happy with the direction of the adjustments we made two patches ago (Yay 4-costs are viable), they went a little too far, so a slight backtrack should allow other playstyles to shine.

  • Ashe HP: 900  850
  • Annie HP: 1050  1000
  • Annie Heal Amount: 5%  4%
  • Annie Debuff Duration: 8  5 sec
  • Annie Health on Transform: 300/350/1500  300/350/1200
  • Annie Spell Damage: 150/225/2500  150/225/2000
  • Kayn HP: 1200  1100
  • Kayn Armor/MR: 60  55
  • Lillia's targeting pattern changed: The smaller casts now look at the 3 closest enemies to Lillia’s target and pick the line that will hit the most people.
  • Sylas HP: 1200  1100
  • Sylas Spell Heal: 120/140/600  110/130/600


 Last patch we nerfed Lissandra during a mid-week update as she was the most fielded end-board Champion, even while not necessarily being the best. When Lissandra was good though, she created a frustrating experience: completely negating a melee carry, or super tank, by stunning them and throwing them backward to only require them to walk back (sometimes around their allies somewhat clumsily) to the fight, taking damage throughout the entire process. On top of that, she also did a bunch of AOE damage AND printed items/gold. So we’re eliminating that frustrating part of her ability, which is a significant part of her power, and giving this ice witch the nice witch treatment with a compensation buff to help her keep dishing out damage and printing items on porcelain platters.

  • Lissandra’s ability no longer throws enemies who survive the duration of her stun.
  • Lissandra’s ability no longer deals area damage around the target if they survive the duration of her stun.
  • Lissandra Mana buff: 60/120  45/105
  • Sett Mana buff: 100/180  80/160
  • Xayah AD: 85  80


 In general, Riot is lifting our struggling Augments, and lowering the power of a couple of overperformers. A few callouts here: The Call to Chaos buff adds one more random Emblem to your arsenal giving you just that much more power to cook with. With this Low Interest buff if you slow roll at 40 gold, you’ll be making 6 gold per turn, perfect for 2 and 3-cost reroll comps! Lastly, with more diverse and niche Artifacts, Living Forge has gotten a bit less consistent and harder to play. We’re accelerating the rate at which you receive Artifacts, but we’re also taking a large pass on our struggling Artifacts, which should also give the Augment a much needed boost.

  • Branching Out turn delay before Emblem arrives: 1  0
  • Haunted House (Ghostly) bonus Ghosts: 1  2
  • Heroic Grab Bag Gold: 4  6
  • Inspiring Epitaph Shield max HP Ratio: 25%  20%
  • Little Buddies HP Per Buddy: 75  65
  • Longshot (Sniper) Attack Speed: 15%  18%
  • Low Interest Rates Capped Interest: 3  4
  • Midnight Siphon (Yorick Hero Augment) Max HP Damage: 25%  20%
  • Mulched (Dryad) Bonus Damage: 10%  5%
  • ReinFOURcement Gold: 8  12
  • Stars Are Born Gold: 5  7
  • Scapegoat Initial Gold: 2  4
  • Call to Chaos Emblems 4  5
  • Living Forge Rounds per Artifact: 10  8
  • Prismatic Ticket Chance to Proc: 45%  50%
  • Shopping Spree now gives 3 gold immediately instead of 1 gold per round.


 Our new Artifacts landed in a good spot last patch, so we’re not looking to do major reworks. Instead, we’re buffing some of our lowest performers with a bit of stat padding.

  • Blighted Jewel MR Reduction per proc: 3  4
  • Cursed Vampiric Blade Attack Speed: 50%  60%
  • Fishbones AD & AS: 30%  35%
  • Lich Bane Damage Proc: 180/230/280/330/380  180/240/300/360/420
  • Luden’s Tempest AD & AP: 30%  35%
  • Prowler’s Claw AD & Crit: 25%  30%
  • Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 50%  60%
  • Seeker’s Armguard Base AP/Armor/MR: 25  30
  • Unending Despair Shield Break Damage: 100%  125%


 New Support Items landed a bit on the weaker end, so we’re giving them a bit more support to support with. Our Spite buff is rather large, but as one of our least picked, lowest performing, and hardest Support Items to use, it’s quite necessary. Do note that the Item is best used when running multiple clumped melee carries—just make sure the holder dies first!

  • Eternal Flame Team Damage Amp: 6%  8%
  • Knight's Vow Omnivamp: 12%  15%
  • Spite Ally AD/AP Buff: 30%  50%


 Now that we don’t have a specific patch-focused goal, such as lowering the number of 3-star 4-costs or reducing the impact of 3-cost 3-stars, we’re able to take a balance pass on some of our less frequently impactful systems.

  • Absolution (Redemption) HP: 200  400
  • Crest of Cinders (Red Buff) bonus Damage: 8%  5%
  • Jak’sho the Protean base AP: 15  25
  • More-More-ellonomicon (Morellonomicon) Attack Speed: 25%  10%
  • Quickest Silver (Quicksilver) AS Per Stack: 7%  9%
  • Royal Crownshield (Crownguard) HP: 250  350
  • Warmog’s Pride (Warmog’s Armor) Bonus HP Percent: 12%  15%

Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Small Changes

 Small, like the little things we shouldn’t sweat in life.


 As noted in the Large Changes section for 4-costs, we’re taking a small step back here to allow for other strategies to prosper alongside our 4-cost-dominated meta.

  • Galio HP: 1200  1100
  • Kai’Sa HP: 900  850
  • Lee Sin HP: 1200  1100
  • Nautilus HP: 1200  1150
  • Ornn HP: 1200  1100


 It removes things, now available on Stage 4-2.

  • The Golden Remover can now appear on 4-2

Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Modes


 If you Doubled Up with a partner consistently, you had a pre-assigned order for choosing gifts that was consistent across games.

  • Double Up player order for the gift Armory will now be randomized at the start of the game. The order will stay consistent throughout the game but the same person won't go first every time if you play with a consistent partner.

Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Bug Fixes

  • After transforming into Shadow Assassin, Kayn’s tooltip now lists the correct single target damage amp.
  • Yordle synergy: The Teemo and Gnar Encounters that give bonus Augment rerolls can now stack correctly.
  • Hyper Roll Mythic tooltip now correctly shows AP and AD instead of AP and AS.
  • Hyper Roll Umbral tooltip now correctly shows shield values as flat values instead of percentages.
  • Irelia’s 1/2/3/4/5 cost shop Encounter now correctly states in the Encounter panel tooltip that it lasts for 3 shops, and actually only lasts 3 shops.
  • Qiyana’s tooltip now correctly states that the damage she does is the total damage of her attack, not bonus damage.
  • All units are properly returned to the pool on player death.
  • Little Buddies now works on Xayah and Rakan.
  • Inkshadow items are now properly removed when selling an Inkshadow unit with a full item bench.
  • Alune now shreds her primary ability target.
  • Alune now functions correctly in ghost armies.
  • In Hyper Roll, Scuttle Puddle and Crab Rave now use the correct icons for PvE rounds.
  • Xayah and Rakan can no longer be used to duplicate Altruist emblems.
  • Augment tailoring is now correctly based on your board's last combat and not present state.
  • If Lillia shuffles your first Augment to stage 3 or later, it is no longer completely untailored.
  • Blacksmith’s Gloves no longer sometimes fails to roll two items with Lucky Gloves on an AP Bruiser.
  • Ornn can now grant items to clones from Suspicious Trench Coat.
  • Fixed some issues with the Fortune tree.
Teamfight Tactics 14.10 Patch Notes and 14.10B Patch Notes
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