What is the TFT 9 Fortune Secret Trait?

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What is the TFT 9 Fortune Secret Trait?

What is the TFT 9 Fortune trait? We explain everything in this article here.

Teamfight Tactics just received its massive Set 11 update, and the game is brimming with new traits, augments along with a series of new champions. The sec

TFT Set 9 Fortune Trait: What is it?

The 9 Fortune trait when activated, grants the player with 8 gold per second, and you win more gold during the entirety of the match than you can spend. It is basically a luck of-the-draw rare occurrence in Teamfight Tactics, and when you score it, you basically win the entire game.

All the regenerated coins from the fortune tree have enemy damage-dealing abilities, and all the coins that fly over the place deal damage to enemy units. The 9 Fortune trait in Teamfight Tactics isn’t a bug or a glitch, but an intentional easter egg that was added to the game.

The 9 fortune trait has been a hot topic of internet banter, and Reddit user Ornery_Tie_6963 posted on the official Teamfight Tactics subreddit about the 9 Fortune trait on Reddit. “Guy ended the game at 1060 gold just rinsing people. He was earning money faster than he could spend it.”
“There is a hidden “Fortune 9” synergy that just hard wins the game, it spawns a load of money trees on the board which just blow people up by throwing gold at them.”

The 9 Fortune trait requries some planning and hard-work, but the rewards granted by this Easter Egg trait means that it is a guarantee that you win th egame the trait occurs in. The slew of rewards granted are exaclty as if the game spams golds

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We expect Riot Mortdog to reveal more information about the Easter Egg secret trait, as the lead champion designer is known for revealing “fun” development tidbits to the TFT community.

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