All TFT Set 11 Portals Cheat Sheet

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All TFT Set 11 Portals Cheat Sheet

This article contains the complete list of portals in Teamfight Tactics Set 11, titled Inkborn Fables.

TFT Set 11, Inkborn Fables introduced a series of new portals while a slew of portals from eisting sets made their way in Set 11. Riot’s TFT reintroduced the Portal Mechanic in the game’s last music themed set, Remix Rumble, and now, Set 11 is slated to feature many new portals as well.

The complete cheatsheet for all portals currently available in Set 11, Inkborn Fables. The portals introduced after Set 9.5 will have a lesser impact on the meta, as compared to previous sets in the game. This article describes all the portals in the game and describe exactly what they all. Set 11 contains a list of portals, and Riot adds, or changes the existing portals in-game with every patch. Portals are a recurring mechanic in Teamfight Tactics, and all the portals that exist in the game ‘s current set, Inkborn Fables, are detailed below.

All TFT Set 11 Portals: Full List

3 Champions

This portal allows the player to start with 3 random Tier 1 champions.

3-Cost Champion

Player begins the game with a random Tier 3 champion.

Artifact Anvil

Player starts with an Artifact Anvil that lets them select powerful items with unique effects.

Ascending Augments

Augments this game will be silver, gold, then prismatic tier.

Augment Payout

Every time you select an augment, gain 3 gold.

Champion Conference

Player gets a champion thta selectively fits their team, at each stage. get a champion that fits your team.

Champion Delivery

Twice per stage, gain a high cost champion. The cost increases with game time.

Completed Anvil

Gain 1 completed item anvil at the start of the game.

Component Anvils

Gain 2 Item Component Anvils at the start of the game.

Crab Rave

Dancing Crabs replace PvE encounters and drop bonus loot, but crabs on Stage 5+ are very dangerous. This portal also grants the player with loot every other stage in Hyper Roll.


Augments this game will be prismatic, gold, then silver tier.

Duplicator Start

Start the game with a Champion Duplicator.

Golden Gala

All augments this game will be gold tier.

Gold Opener

The first augment this game will be gold tier.

Item Payout

Every time you build an item, gain 2 gold.

Larger Legends

All players start with 115 health instead of 100.

Lethal Legends

Deal +1 damage to the enemy after winning combat.

Loaded Carousels

Champions on the carousel hold 2 items instead of 1.

Loot Subscription

Every stage, all players gain the same random loot from a highly varied pool.

Max Interest

Maximum interest is increased to 7 gold.

Player Health Decrease

Start with 85 player health.

Pot of Gold

At stage 6-1, all living players split a pot of 120 gold.

Prismatic Party

All augments this game will be prismatic tier.

Prismatic Prelude

The first augment this game will be prismatic tier.

Radiant Blessing

At 40 player health, receive a blessing that contains powerful loot. This occurs at 10 player health in Hyper Roll

Radiant Item

Select 1 of 5 Radiant items at the start of the game. Radiant items are powerful versions of core items.

Scuttle Puddle

PVE enemies get changed to crabs that drop bonus loot!

Silver Symphony

All the augments this game will be silver tier.


Player begins with a Spatula.

Support Anvil

Player begin with 1 Support item anvil.

Support Anvil

Players receives 1 Support anvil at the beginning of the game. Support items enable the player and provide the player with auras that strengthen the team.

Tactician’s Crown

Player begins with a Tactician’s Crown (gain +1 team size).

Tome of Traits

Player receives 1 Tome of Traits at the beginning of the game. The Tome of Trait allows the player to pick 1 of 4 Emblems.

Training Dummy

Begin the game game using a training dummy.

Treasure Armory

On stage 4-7, player can select a 5-piece package of powerful loot. This happens on Stage 8-1 in Hyper Roll.

Unit Accelerator

All existing champs receive bonus movement speed along with +10% Attack Speed.

Wandering Trainers

Begin with a Training Dummy The dummy comes attached with 3 permanently attached trait emblems.

Wandering Vendors

Begin with a Training Dummy. The dummy contains 2 permanently attached Support items.

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