Hero Augments You Should Try Out During TFT Set 8 PBE

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Hero Augments You Should Try Out During TFT Set 8 PBE

Players still have a week of PBE for TFT Set 8 before it goes live, so here are some of the strongest and most fun Hero Augments added to the game.

The set mechanic for TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack! is the addition of Hero Augments, which let players choose a champion and essentially makes them the main character of their team. With every champion in the game having two unique augments for them, and with 59 champions in the set, there are nearly 120 options you can get in any game. So it is hard to expect every player to know which augments there are, let alone which are the best. In this article, you can find a list of Hero Augments you should give a shot before the set goes live on December 7. These are either very strong augments, or just fun to play.

One-cost champion Hero Augments

Blitzcrank (A.D.M.I.N, Brawler)

  • Dynamic Defenses: Gain a Gargoyle Stoneplate and a Blitzcrank. When he casts his Ability, its duration increases by 2 seconds per enemy targeting him.

For the first time in any TFT set, Blitzcrank doesn’t have his hook as his ability. Instead, he creates a field around him, gaining over 50% damage reduction, and it already makes him a strong solo frontline. But combine it with the synergy from Dynamic Defenses and Stoneplate, which requires the champion to be tanking solo, and you can get an immortal Blitzcrank if you three-star him.

Gankplank (Duelist, Supers)

  • Get Paid: Gain a Gangplank. When you field him, your team has a 33% chance to gain 1 gold on kill.

Duelist/Supers is already one of the best re-roll comps in the game. Re-roll comps need a strong economy and what better way to bolster your econ than by taking this Hero Augment? Plus it is nice if you missed the Mercenary GP from Set 6.

Nasus (Amina Squad, Mascot)

  • Stacks on Stacks: Gain a Nasus. He gains 20% Attack Damage, increased by 3% permanently each time he casts his Ability.

Have you wondered what would happen if that Nasus from the Summoner’s Rift just sat in the top lane and stacked all game, just to terrorize everyone later? Well, wonder no more. If you watched any TFT Youtuber or streamer you’ve probably seen them play this augment. It is very strong in Nasus re-roll comps as you can easily reach 500 AD, maybe even 1000 in some games.

Renekton (Brawler, LaserCorps)

  • Reign of Anger: Gain a Renekton. He gains 40% Attack Speed and an additional 2% per 100 missing Health.
  • Cull the Meek: Gain a Renekton. When you field him, your team deals 10% bonus damage, tripled against enemies below 50% Health.

Renekton hasn’t been the star of the set so far, with neither vertical Brawler nor LaserCorps being too strong. But if you’d like to give 6 Brawlers a chance, Reign of Anger is a fun carry augment. Or you can take Cull the Meek and just play a two-star Renekton to activate the rest of your team.

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Wukong (Defender, Mecha: Prime) 

  • Re-Energize: Gain a Wukong. When you field him, your team restores 75% of their Mana after their first cast each combat.

Wukong is another overlooked champion, only played in Mecha comps as a food. But you can take this augment and play him in a lot of different comps. For example, it is great with Star Guardians, especially considering his synergy with Rell.

Two-cost champion Hero Augments

Annie (Gadgeteen, Ox Force, Spellslinger)

  • Reflector Shield: Gain an Annie. While her Ability's shield is active, enemies that attack her take 150 magic damage (once every 0.5 seconds). 
  • Burning Spirit: Gain an Annie. When you field her, your team gains 15 Ability Power, tripled while they are below 50% Health.

Not much to explain. Annie is one of the best tanks in the game, not just among the low-cost ones either. She has three amazing traits and a powerful spell. Both her carry and support augments are strong, not to mention the power of an early Annie.

Camille (A.D.M.I.N, Renegade)

  • Hextech Retribution: Gain a Camille. Once Camille is on your board, your team gains 15% bonus damage. This increases by an additional 5% whenever an ally dies.

Very generic augment. You can play it with any comp and just add a Camille, or you can play A.D.M.I.N and Renegade considering how strong the former is and how good the augment synergizes with the latter.

Ezreal (Recon, Underground)

  • Raider’s Spoils: Gain an Ezreal. At the start of combat, Ezreal grants his nearest ally a temporary Artifact for the rest of combat and gains one gold. If you have multiple Ezreals, this will apply to the strongest Ezreal.

Best econ augments in the game. Gives you econ, combat power and access to one of the strongest traits in the game, Underground. The artifacts are Ornn items, semi-tailored for the champion.

Sivir (Civilian, Sureshot)

  • Delivery Tips: Gain a Sivir. Every second Ability cast, your strongest Sivir drops 1 gold with a 5% chance to gain 1 additional gold.

This augment got nerfed a lot, but it still gives a very strong economy. And considering how good Sivir is both as a standalone unit, or with Sureshots, there is no reason not to take it.

Yasuo (Duelist, LaserCorps)

  • Siphoning Winds: Gain a Yasuo. He gains 66% Omnivamp.

Healing items in the game give 20% omnivamp. This Hero Augment gives more than triple that. I already mentioned that Duelist/Supers is a great re-roll comp, and with Siphoning Winds it is almost a free top-three.

Yuumi (Heart, Mascot, Star Guardians) 

  • Zoomies!: Gain a Yuumi. When you field her, your team 20% Attack Speed, and zooms towards their targets.

Yuumi isn’t the strongest champion, nor is this augment better than other attack speed ones. But if you can manage to hold on till you find a Nunu, you shall be rewarded.

Three-cost champion Hero Augments

Jax (Brawler, Mecha: PRIME)

  • Relentless Assault: Gain a Jax. After every 3rd attack, he gains 20% Attack Speed for the rest of combat (this can stack).

The early PBE days of Jax dominance are behind us, but that doesn’t mean players can’t make the Grandmaster at Arms their team’s carry. Jax loves attack speed, but Guinsoo’s is a bit underwhelming even after the buffs. And considering how fun Mecha is to play, this augment is hard to pass.

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LeBlanc (A.D.M.I.N, Hacker, Spellslinger)

  • Mirror Image: Gain a LeBlanc. Combat Start: Your strongest LeBlanc creates a 70% Health, itemless clone of her nearest ally.

It’s not the best augment on its own, but combine it with a Zac frontline, and unlimited blobs!

Zoe (Gadgeteen, Hacker, Prankster)

  • Double Bubble: Gain a Zoe. Her Ability launches a second bubble at a different target, dealing 60% damage.

Zoe is another champion that got nerfed after a strong start to the set, but she is still a good carry unit. She uses both Blue Buff and Morello as best as they can be used, and it is all made better with an extra bubble.

Four-cost champion Hero Augments

Bel’Veth (Threat) 

  • Back for Blood: Gain a Bel'Veth. She gains 25% Omnivamp, tripled while under 50% Health.

For me, Bel’Veth is the most fun AD carry champion in the set. She also has a lot of items that can be best-in-slot for her, so I will take this augment anytime to drop the omnivamp slot.

Ekko (Aegis, Prankster, Star Guardians)

  • Chronobreak: Gain an Ekko. When you field him, he stuns all enemies for 2 seconds after 10 seconds of combat.

This augment isn’t as overpowered as it sounds. Two seconds can be a lot shorter than you think. But considering Ekko is already a strong unit, and an Aegis, it is a great generic support augment.

Sejuani (Brawler, LaserCorps)

  • Glacial Prison: Gain a Sejuani. She gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist and her Ability hits the entire board.
  • Shatter: Gain a Sejuani. Her Ability stuns for 1-second longer and enemies take 20% more damage while stunned.

TFT Set 7 was full of frontliners with massive crowd control abilities. Not so much since 7.5. But Sejuani’s ultimate is one of the most powerful CCs in the game, and with her being a Brawler, it is a must-take anytime.

Zac (Threat) 

  • Elastic Slingshot: Gain a Zac. At the start of combat, Zac flings his two nearest allies to the enemy backline. This action knocks up enemies for three seconds upon impact.

There are no assassins in TFT Set 8, but this doesn’t mean you can’t turn your champions into one! Zac is already one of the strongest tanks in the game. Now imagine he also turns your Bel’Veth into a backline threat, no pun intended.

Five-cost champion Hero Augments

Janna (Civilian, Forecaster)

  • Exaggerated Reporting: Gain a Janna. Forecaster's effects are increased by 100%.

Another set that Janna is one of the best splash units. She is already a strong addition to most comps and you can never go wrong with her.

Syndra (Heart, Star Guardians)

  • Power Overwhelming: Gain a Syndra. Allies summoned by her Ability gain 30% Attack Damage and 30 Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist.
  • Empowered Reserves: Gain a Syndra. When you field her, your team gains 5 Ability Power per unit on your bench.

So far I’ve found Syndra to be a little underwhelming on her own. But with the newly buffed Shojin, she has some potential to work. While these two augments aren’t the strongest ones, I think launching units from your bench into the battle is one of the most fun abilities in TFT.

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Hero Augments You Should Try Out During TFT Set 8 PBE
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