TFT 2024 Roadmap: All Sets, Game Modes

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TFT 2024 Roadmap: All Sets, Game Modes

This article contains Riot’s Games roadmap for its popular autobattler, Teamfight Tactics and the content roadmap planned for the entirety of 2024.

The roadmap was revealed by the dev team on the official Twitter AKA X account, and also during the livestream broadcast of the TFT Vegas Open. TFT will have three back to back set releases with a gap of four months in between each set. There is also slated to be a new game mode and a new event celebrating the game’s fifth anniversary.

Also slated to drop in 2024 are “Set Revivals”, which are temporary game modes that will allow the players to have the opportunity to relive the nostalgia of previous sets, and play them. The mode will allow fans to enjoy “some of our old sets that you may be familiar with,” according to executive producer of Teamfight Tactics, Geoff Virtue.

Riot Games has revealed the themes for the next two sets in 2024, with one set taking players on a mythological trip where they will ‘encounter myths and legends’, while the other, Set 12 will have it’s theme centered around magic. Two Set Revivals have been planned for 2024, along with several other full blown offline tournaments. TFT Set 11 and 12 will both have World Championship’s planned for them, and along with the grand success of the TFT Vegas Open, another TFT Open LAN is scheduled to commence next year as we expect more info from Riot.

However, unlike TFT Vegas Open, the next big ‘Open’ LAN tournament won’t be hosted in the USA, as confirmed by the multibillion-dollar game company with established titles such as League of Legends, and VALORANT.

TFT Roadmap 2024

  • TFT Set Revival game mode: The first TFT Set Revival is slated to drop during January, with the returning expansion still unknown at time of writing. And a second expansion will drop into the Set Revival mode during the third quarter of 2024.
  • TFT Set 11: Teamfight Tactics Set 11 will be a ‘mythological journey’, featuring several myths and legends, incorporating their specific mythology into the game, and more. More information is set to be released in the new year about TFT’s next set, before the conclusion of Set 10. TFT Set 11 is slated to drop in March 2024, according to Riot.
  • Summer 2024 TFT Anniversary: The Summer of 24’ will be celebrated with a new event and a new game scheduled to drop as the game, Teamfight Tactics marks it’s 5th anniversary.
  •  TFT Set 12: Teamfight Tactics Set 12 is scheduled to drop in the month of July 2024. The theme for the set is slated to be full of ‘magic, mayhem, and bees????” Riot has teased a magical themed set, with the possibility of incorporating a bee-themed story that will shape the entirety of the set.
  • TFT Set 13: The final set of the year is slated to drop in the fourth quarter of 2024. The details for the same are kept under wraps, and we have no info on the theme or the content to be dropping in the game’s thirteenth set.

We expect Riot to release more information in the coming months about their upcoming new sets, as Set 10 concludes in January. The upcoming new year, 2024 is slated to be a year for the game’s esports as Riot has lined up a slew of offline competitive LAN tournaments for the next sets. With the end of mid-set updates, fans have enough time to take their time ot settle in the meta

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