TFT Vegas Open: Dates, Format, Schedule and Prize Pool

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TFT Vegas Open: Dates, Format, Schedule and Prize Pool

Here’s the full schedule and format for TFT Vegas Open.

Riot Games are hosting their first big Teamfight Tactics LAN tournament in Vegas. The huge TFT tournament will be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada as 512 players look to compete for a grand prize pool of $308,500k USD

The three-day tournament will run from December 8 to December 10, with the winner taking home a cash prize of $100,000 USD along with a TFT Vegas Open Champions Trophy.

TFT Vegas Open Tournament Format and Schedule

Day 1 – December 10

Round 1
The first round will consist of 512 players and they will split into lobbies of 8 players each. Every player will play 3 games each. The top 4 players from each Lobby will then move to Round 2. Round 1 Heat 1 starts at 12 pm PT, while heat 2 will begin 3 hours after, at 3:00pm PT.

Round 2
The second round will be held on the same day, and for the second round, the remaining 256 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 players each. Each player will play 3 games each. Only the top four players from each Lobby will then move to the third round. Round 2 will begin at 6:30pm PT.

Day 2 – December 9

Round 3
At 10:00 am PT, 128 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 and play 4 games each. The top 2 players from each Lobby will advance to Round 4 which will be held later during the day.

Round 4
32 players will be split into Lobbies of 8 and play 4 games each. The top 2 players from each Lobby will advance to the Finals. The fourth round start time is 2:30pm PT.

Day 3 – December 10 (Finals)

The top 8 players will then proceed play in a checkmate format. In order to score first place, the player needs to earn 20 points. Players should note that the TFT Vegas Open finals will begin at 10:00am PT.

The tournament will feature a poings system, awarding players based on their in-game placement. Points will be awarded based on the following placement format:

1st place: 8 points
2nd place: 7 points
3rd place: 6 points
4th place: 5 points
5th place: 4 points
6th place: 3 points
7th place: 2 points
8th place: 1 point

TFT Vegas Open Prize Pool Distribution

Here’s how the massive $308,500K USD prize pool will be distributed amongst the players.

1st place: $100,000

2nd place: 25,000

3rd place: $15,000

4th place: $12,500

5th place: $10,000

6th place: $9,000

7th place: $8,000

8th place: $7,000

9th place: $6,500

10th place: $6,000

11th place: $5,500

12th place: $5,000

13th place: $4,500

14th place: $4,000

15th place: $3,500

16th place: $3,000

17th place: $2,750

18th place: $2,750

19th place: $2,500

20th place: $2,500

21st place: $2,250

22nd place: $2,250

23rd place: $2,000

24th place: $2,000

25th place: $1,750

26th place: $1,750

27th place: $1,500

28th place: $1,500

29th place: $1,250

30th place: $1,250

31st place: $1,000

32nd place: $1,000

Players who place from rank 33 to 80 will receive a cash prize of $675 each. On the other hand, TFT fans between rank 82 to 128 will get $450.
Also every player will receive an exclusive in-game report based on their placement in the tournament. However, the champion will receive a special 1st place emote that they can show off in the game.

TFT Vegas Open Second Chance Tournament

TFT Vegas Open will also feature a “second chance tournament” for the remaining 128 players that are knocked out of the first round. The rules and format for the second chance tournament will be the same, and the winner will receive a trophy and no cash prize. There will also be numerous Side Events for players who are no longer apart of the main event to compete in. These Side Events will also feature some prizes. The prizes will be disclosed during the tournament.

TFT Vegas Open will be live streamed on Riot's official Teamfight Tactics Twitch and YouTube channels.

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