Tekken 8 Ending Explained

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Tekken 8 Ending Explained

Here is the Tekken 8 Ending Explained. We try to make sense of the end of the Mishima storyline, what the heck is going on with Reina, and what else is happening.

Tekken 8 is easily one of the best entries of the entire franchise. Not only does it come with a stacked roster of legacy and new characters but it also has fantastic graphics that show off how pretty punching each other in the face can look like.

The crown jewel is the “The Dark Awakens” story mode which aims to conclude the Mishima blood feud once and for all. We give a quick rundown on what happened, who lived, who died, and how Reina fits into all of this.

Tekken 8 Ending Explained

Let's start with a short Tekken Recap. The story of Tekken features a great many characters of different creeds fighting each other for the King of Iron Fist title. But the real story has always been about series mainstay Kazuya Mishima and his blood feud with his father, Heihachi Mishima.

After decades of fighting, having a son of his own who despises him, and the world almost ending thanks to some demon lord awakening Kazuya finally managed to kill Heihachi and get his revenge. In Tekken 7 it's revealed to us that Heihachi, despite being a megalomaniac and insane person only tried to kill Kazuya after finding out he inherited the Devil Gene from his mother.

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The Devil Gene is an ancient seed of destruction that gives humans devilish powers to feed, Azazel and arch demon. The very same demon that Kazuya managed to absorb and control throughout the story of Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 Good Ending Explained

Accepting the sins of the past while finding a reason to live gives Jin the power to not only erase both his and Kazuya's devilish powers but also allows him to finally put his father down. But he doesn't kill him. Jin rejects the bloody legacy of the Mishima family and leaves Kazuya behind to live his own life.

Throughout the various arcade endings and the final scene of the good ending, we have a light confirmation that Jun Kazama Jin's mother and Kazuya's wife is still alive. It looks like she's taking Kazuya with her into her exile, potentially to hide him away from the world after all those crimes he has committed.

Tekken 8 Bad Ending Explained

A Fight is about who is left standing. Nothing more. In an attempt to free himself from the shackles of his past and reclaim his fate, Kazuya became everything his father was. He tried to conquer the world and kill his last remaining connection to humanity in an ill attempt to be his own man.

In the end, Kazuya beats Jin and throws him off a cliff, quoting his father Heihachi without realizing that he is still a slave to the past.

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Tekken 8 Secret Ending Explained

The question is now, who is Reina and what is her connection to Jin and Kazuya? We learn in the character episodes that Reina is another one of Heihachi's children. Joining the ranks of Kazuya, Lars, Kuma, and more. But it seems like she is also possessed by the Devil Gene, a rare condition that many believed was exclusive to Kazuya's mother's bloodline.

In her character story ending, Reina seems to inherit Heihachi's nonsense with glee as she recruits his remaining children, beats up Kazuya, and vows to remake the world in his image.

We can't say what that means for the future of Tekken, and we might have to wait another 7+ years to find out what's next, but it's safe to say that that future will include Reina as the new primary protagonist or antagonist.

For more on Tekken 8, check out our guide to all the achievements, how the new heat system works, and how you can climb the ranks.

Tekken 8 Ending Explained
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