Tekken 8 Heat System Explained

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Tekken 8 Heat System Explained

There's always a little left until Tekken 8 arrives on the market. Fans of the very famous fighting game saga will certainly be excited to finally get their hands on the new chapter of the saga. The developers have stated that this new chapter will be a real breath of fresh air for the brand, with mechanics taken from the past and also with other new features. In this case, we cannot fail to talk about the Tekken 8 heat system.

This is an addition that seeks to bring real innovation to the brand, in addition to the new characters that will be available. This new game mechanic aims to make Tekken 8 both more difficult and accessible at the same time, adapting to the needs of each individual player. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you are ready as soon as you have the chance to play it.

What is the Tekken 8 Heat System?

Let's start by giving some general information on the Tekken 8 heat system so that you can concretely understand what we are talking about. Heat is located below your character's health bar, and you can recognize it because it is a blue bar that will be completely full at the start of each round. This statistic is used to ensure that, once you enter the Heat State, certain moves will be more powerful and therefore inflict more damage on your opponent.

Furthermore, another positive effect of this new game mechanic is that all attacks will do chip damage to a blocking opponent. You will be able to track chip damage as it will be visible as white health. However, this means that this health can be recovered if damage is dealt with. It's all very interesting, isn't it? But there are some rules to follow. That is, to enter the Heat State you will have to execute two specific commands. Let's see together what it is.

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Heat Burst

The first command you can use is Heat Burst. By pressing the keys associated with it, you will be able to carry out a smashing attack, which will allow you to have advantages and can also be used during your combos. However, keep in mind that using this command will put your character into a Heat State for 10 seconds and drain the heat gauge. Obviously, when you start a new round, the Heat bar will be full again.

Heat Engager

The second command you can use is the Heat Engager. This is a more technical move than the previous one, there is no doubt about it. In fact, each character in the game has specific moves available from which to draw and which act like a Heat Engager. A very important thing to keep in mind is that, unlike the Heat Burst, the Heat Engager cannot be used at any time, but only when you are already hitting your opponent.

In the event that the attack is successful, your character will run towards his opponent and enter his Heat State. In this way, for the duration of 15 seconds, you will have the opportunity to inflict greater damage on your opponent, which can clearly tip the scales in your favor. For this reason, this new game mechanic in Tekken 8 must absolutely not be underestimated but, on the contrary, must be studied and understood thoroughly.

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tekken 8 heat system

How to Use the Tekken 8 Heat System

Now that you know what the Tekken 8 heat system is and how to operate it, let's give you some information on how to use it. It's a very interesting game mechanic that we're sure will captivate you, so learning its uses is definitely a very important thing to do. Below, therefore, we explain how to use Heat in Tekken 8.

Heat Dash

In Tekken 8, the Heat System adds an exciting feature for players. When characters get all heated up, they can choose between two different commands. If they're already in the heated state and decide to use a special move, pressing forward during the attack triggers a cool move called a Heat Dash. This move makes the player quickly rush towards their opponent again, spending all the remaining heat energy they've built up. It's like a handy tool to extend their combos, making the battles even more dynamic and intense.

Heat Smash

In Tekken 8, they have switched up the special moves a bit. Instead of the Rage Drive from Tekken 7, now we have something called Heat Smash. It's like a super move, similar to the old Rage Arts. To do it, you just need to press the buttons for Heat Burst again when you're already in the heated state. When you pull this off, your character unleashes a super powerful attack that can really knock down the opponent's health by a lot. The catch is, once you decide to go for a Heat Smash, it uses up all the heat energy you've built up. So, it's a bit of a high-risk, high-reward move—dealing massive damage, but at the cost of all your remaining heat.

tekken 8 heat system

Tekken 8 Heat System Explained
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