Tekken 8 Achievements Guide

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Tekken 8 Achievements Guide

Here is how you earn all the Tekken 8 Achievements.

Tekken 8 is out and it turns out that when you let Bandai Namco cook for a while, you get one, if not the greatest iterations of the 3D fighter yet. It's a strong showing out of the gate, even in comparison to Tekken 7 which launched into its console life after an extended stay in the arcades.

While these achievements won't teach you how to become the King of the Iron Fist, which requires beating the heck out of your ghosts over and over again, they will at least set you on the track to some trophies and achievements you get to show off.


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All Tekken 8 Achievements

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Image: Bandai Namco

Here is a list of all 47 Tekken 8 achievements. They are mostly the same across all platforms, so we don't bother sorting them by rank/gamerscore, and so on.

Just Relax, You Can Do It

Win a Ranked Match.

I'll give you a rematch anytime, guv.

Win a Player Match.

Please don't tell my father.

Win a Group Match.


Participate in 10 online battles, no matter the match type.

That was too easy!

Win a round with full health.


Win a round with only 1% health remaining.

Behold, the fruits of my labor.

Land a combo dealing 70 or more damage in the Air.

Let the blistering sands consume you.

Trigger a total of 10 tornados.

What a Rush!

Perform 5 of the new Heat Bursts.

Fate is already decided.

Use the Heat Engager (different for every character) and enter Heat 5 times.

Fear my wrath.

Use Heat Smashes 20 times.

You think you can stop me?

Use Heat Dashes 10 times.

Under the divine protection of Sirus

Heal 500 damage worth of chip damage by going on the offensive (cumulative).

Now it's time to destroy you.

Deal 1000 damage or more in rage mode (cumulative).

Sorry for getting rough back there.

Perform a Wallbound, the new stage gimmick that will send your opponent flying when being hit by objects in Ortiz Farm or Arena (Underground).

Resuming Mission

Perform a Wall Blast by hitting an enemy into a wall.

Come on, just try and kill me.

Perform a Wall Break by hitting an enemy through a wall.

Perform a Floor break by hitting enemies through the floor on Ortiz Farm or Decent into Subconscious.

(You never learn.)

Perform Floor Blast by hitting enemies into the exploding floor on Into the Stratosphere.

How do you take your coffee?

Reach the lowest stage on Ortiz Farm by performing consecutive floor breaks.

My Moves are way faster than yours.

Hit 20 Devilist hits while playing Tekken Ball. (cumulative)

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Aspire to greater heights!

Reach the Brawler rank in Ranked Online.

I'm actually pretty strong.

Reach the Warrior rank in Ranked Online.

There's no way you can stop me.

Reach the Vanquisher rank in Ranked Online.

Come, humanity! Unleash the dogs of war!

Complete the first chapter of The Dark Awakens campaign.

You aren't alone anymore.

Complete the seventh chapter of The Dark Awakens campaign.

I'll live on, together with my sins.

Complete the twelfth chapter of The Dark Awakens campaign.


Complete the final chapter of The Dark Awakens campaign with Kazuya as the victor.


Complete the final chapter of The Dark Awakens campaign with Jin as the victor.

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Image: Bandai Namco

I would do well to follow your example.

Land a 30-hit combo chain during the Operation Rebellion chapter of The Dark Awakens campaign.

This should be fun.

Complete 5 of the Character Episodes.

Power isn't everything.

Complete 10 of the Character Episodes.

I'll put an end to this.

Complete an Arcade Battle.

Congrats on the Victory!

Win the Gong Tournament in Arcade Quest.

A new star rising.

Win the Kobushi Dojo Tournament in Arcade Quest.

The fist reveal the fighter.

Fight against yourself as a Ghost.

All is vanity.

Fight and defeat another player Ghost.

(Initiating Analysis.)

Fight and defeat 10 CPU Ghosts in Super Ghost Battle.


Fight and win against Harada_TEKKEN's Ghost in Super Ghost Battle.

No pain, no gain!

Rack up a total of 2000 damage while playing practice mode.

Do you want to learn Marshall Arts?

Finish 5 Combo Challenges across all characters.

(This one's in the bag!)

Activate Replays and Tips while practicing.

You're in for it now!

Use Character Customization and save a customized character.

Your money is my money.

Accumulate a total of 10,000,000G overall.

A fight is about survival.

Complete all the previously listed achievements.

These are all the achievements of Tekken 8. For more on Tekken and everything else gaming stick with us here on ESTNN

Tekken 8 Achievements Guide
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