Team Vitality Involved in Possible Spot-Fixing Incident

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Team Vitality Involved in Possible Spot-Fixing Incident

The French Powerhouse Team Vitality has come under the eye of players and admins due to a very shady looking play enacted during their match against Team Valiance at the Loot.Bet Cup 3. The team boasts popular players such as NBK-, apEX, and Happy, all known for having played with the best of the best which makes this play particularly troubling.

In the video, we can see that on their T-side half, NBK- from Team Vitality is standing on A site with the clock ticking just under 10 seconds. His ally is holding long and the coast is clear for him to safely plant. He goes in to plant once, stops, moves a few steps forward to plant again, stops again, and then proceeds to go back and plant at the starting point.

As he did this, the CT’s took down ZywOo at long and time ran out with no plant from NBK- who was also later taken out by an amazing no scope from ottoNd. If this were an amateur team, the mistake could be attributed to nerves but Vitality has veterans and although they still managed to win the game 16-11, the problem comes when you look at how wins affect the point table when qualifying for other events.

A 16-0 loss and a 16-14 loss is still a loss, but the former deducts more points from the losing team than a 16-14 loss, plus the losing team also has to win the remainder of their games with a huge margin to gain back the RD points lost.

This qualifier game is exactly that, the 16-11 loss deducts only 5 points from Team Valiance, which means that it may play in favor of their qualification for the LAN event in December. Intentional or not, this event has diverted the attention of many analysts and critics on Team Vitality, only time will tell if this was just some harmless playing around or a serious issue.

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