Team Vitality and Kicks: Winning Duo Sets Verbal Agreement

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Team Vitality and Kicks: Winning Duo Sets Verbal Agreement

Team Vitality's verbally agrees to welcome Kicks' arrival, sparking a new era for the esports organizations and refueling competitive aspirations

In a groundbreaking development for the Valorant esports scene, Team Vitality, the renowned professional organization based in France, has taken a significant step forward. According to @anonimotum, the esports organization has reached a verbal agreement with Kimmie “Kicks” Laasner, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in both his career and Vitality's journey.

Kicks: The Estonian Star on the Rise

Kimmie “Kicks” Laasner, hailing from Estonia, is a rising star in the world of Valorant esports. Currently, he stands as a free agent, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to leave his mark on the competitive scene. His journey has seen him represent teams like Laterious, with his most recent match taking place on April 30, 2023, against Unicorns of Love. His journey has already seen him accumulate a total of $3,113.33 in winnings, a testament to his prowess on the battlefield.

Team Vitality: A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in August 2013, the esports organization has carved out a storied legacy in esports. Their foray into Valorant began in February 2021, further expanding their presence beyond their successful ventures in Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), where players like Mathieu ‘ZywOo' Herbaut have earned global recognition.

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Beyond Valorant and CS:GO, this organization fields professional teams and players across a diverse range of esports titles, including FIFA, League of Legends, Rocket League, and Call of Duty Mobile. Their commitment to excellence has been a hallmark of their journey through the world of competitive gaming.

Team Vitality's Valorant Expedition

Vitality's Valorant division has made waves in the competitive scene, and the organization currently holds a rank of 29th place in the's Valorant team rankings, boasting an impressive score of 105,320 points.

In 2023 alone, the team participated in 13 matches, with 6 games taking place within the last 30 days. Their recent win rate of 17% reflects a brief setback, but it is important to note that the esports organization's overall win rate stands at a commendable 57%. They are determined to reclaim their winning momentum as they gear up for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023: EMEA League.

Kicks: The Missing Piece in the Puzzle?

Kimmie's potential inclusion to the Valorant roster marks a significant strategic move for the organization. With the organization's ongoing efforts to strengthen their Valorant roster, he could be the missing piece that elevates the team to new heights.

However, it's worth noting that the team has recently decided not to participate in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier, following the tragic loss of their player, Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener. This decision highlights the emotional toll that esports can sometimes take on players and organizations alike.

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Team Vitality and Kicks: Winning Duo Sets Verbal Agreement

As Team Vitality and Kimmie prepare to embark on this exciting journey together, the Valorant community eagerly awaits further details about this verbal contract. The synergy between him and his new teammates and the impact on the team's performance will be closely monitored.

Stay tuned for updates as Vitality and Kimmie strive to make their mark in the competitive world of Valorant, with fans and enthusiasts eager to witness their journey unfold.

Team Vitality and Kicks: Winning Duo Sets Verbal Agreement
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