Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO will be the first clash for one of the big favorites in Tour 3 Division I in Eastern Europe.

Week 1 in EEU was pretty fun to watch because we saw a lot of good matches. However, we are yet to see The International 10 champions, which is why Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO will be a cool game to keep an eye on. There is no arguing that Yatoro and the rest are the favorites, but TS is known for making mistakes. Hence, the big Dota 2 betting websites will allow people to wager on it and even watch the match in real time.

Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO – Preview

As mentioned, Team Spirit is yet to make its mark in Tour 3 because it didn’t have a single game in Week 1. However, the team will have to play in 4 separate matches this week and the first one is against one of the newcomers in the Division.

Team Spirit

Yatoro and his crew are one of the favorites and a team that should be able to secure a top 3 finish. However, before we see the team against some of the favorites in Week 3, it has a couple of matches that need to win. One of them is the Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO series.


b1kA and the rest of his team had 3 matches in the Eastern European Tour 3 Division I and lost all of them. The squad wasn’t able to deal with One Move, Nemiga, and 9Pandas. In other words, if it loses the game against Team Spirit, it will almost surely drop into Division II for next year’s DPC.

Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO – Predictions

Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk tests his mic ahead of a series at TI 10

As mentioned, there is only one favorite in the UALEIKUMNIHAO vs  Team Spirit clash, and it’s the latter. Yatoro’s crew shouldn’t have any problems winning, but since the game is in 7.33c, it will be a bit more interesting than usual.

Can Team Spirit win without losing a game?

Yes, Team Spirit definitely has the potential to win this clash without losing a single game. Although it won’t be easy, the team’s most recent results are pretty impressive, so it should be able to dominate.

Will we see a comeback from UALEIKUMNIHAO?

The chances of a comeback in the Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO are slim. Although no team will go down without a fight, TI 10 champions are just too strong to overcome.

Total Towers 

The total towers that we will see in this game can easily be over 10. It will depend on the game’s length because the shorter matches usually end up with fewer towers because teams simply want to win as fast as possible.

Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO – Where to watch it

If we put aside the gambling websites that have a dedicated live stream, you can watch this match on one of the official channels on Twitch. Besides an English stream, you will also have access to a Russian one, and you may even find it in other languages.

Team Spirit vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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