Team Spirit vs One Move Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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Team Spirit vs One Move Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

Team Spirit vs One Move will be another challenge for one of the best Eastern European teams.

Following the epic series between Spirit and BB Team, it’s time for the Team Spirit vs One Move. This will be another big challenge for Yatoro’s squad and the team has the chance to become the first in EEU that won’t lose a single series. Sadly, One Move has been in a lot of problems lately, which will reflect on the odds that are available on most of the Dota 2 betting websites.

Team Spirit vs One Move Preview

As mentioned, these two squads have completely different goals right now. TS is just one steam away from qualifying for the Bali Major, whereas One Move has to fight for its survival. Currently, the squad is above UALEIK, a team that is already relegated to Division II.

Team Spirit

Before the One Move vs Team Spirit clash, Yatoro’s squad won their most important match against BetBoom Team. This was an epic 3-game series, but in the end, Spirit won, meaning they’re yet to lose a single match. The squad also dealt with BP, Nemiga, UALEIK, and HYDRA.

One Move

The latter had a very good start in Tour 3 Division I after securing 2 important victories. Unfortunately, things haven’t been all that good after that. Before the Team Spirit vs One Move clash,  OM lost 4 series in a row. Another loss will put the team in an awful position, so it has to go “all-in”.

Team Spirit vs One Move Predictions


When it comes down to predicting the Team Spirit vs One Move series, we think that this series will go to Yatoro’s team. It seems like the team is among the best in EEU right now and it will try to win.

Can One Move win one game?

Even though the team has to do everything to win, we don’t think it has what it takes to defeat the powerful Team Spirit.

Can Game 1 end in under 30 minutes?

Yes, it is very likely that Game 1  will end in under 30 minutes because Team Spirit will want to win as fast as possible.

Will Team Spirit be able to kill Roshan more than 3 times?

Yes, it is possible for Team Spirit to kill Roshan more than 3 times. However, we think that this won’t happen because it means that the match has to be longer than we expect.

Which team will secure more runes?

Although there have been games in the EEU region where the underdogs get more runes, in this case, we believe that Team Spirit will be the squad that will secure more runes.

Team Spirit vs One Move – How and Where to watch it

If you want to watch this match in real time, you must tune in on June 1 at 17:00 EEST. It will be available on Twitch and you can also watch all of the live streams that will be available by some of the biggest iGaming sites.

Team Spirit vs One Move Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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