Team Spirit vs Darkside Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2

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Team Spirit vs Darkside Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2

Tour 2 of the 2023 DPC Division 1 in Eastern Europe has a few more interesting matches to offer. One of them is Team Spirit vs Darkside. The two teams are in very different positions right now, but considering their players, the match will be interesting to watch.

When talking about Dota 2 predictions, some of the leading sites for betting will offer a lot of options on Team Spirit vs Darkside. Since this will be the last match of the week (it will take place on March 26), you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to bet on it. So, let’s learn more about both teams’ results so far and what to expect.

Team Spirit

Everyone knows that The International 10 winners are one of the best teams in Eastern Europe. Consequently, most people aren’t surprised it already has 3 victories in the Dota 2 DPC EEU Division I.

Team Spirit started Tour 2 with a victory against One Move, followed by a crucial win versus BetBoom Team. In the beginning of Week 2, the squad also defeated HYDRA, one of the new teams in Division I.

Before facing DS, Yatoro and the rest will have to go up against Na’Vi.


Despite having one of the best rosters in the EEU Division 1 Tour 2, Darkside hasn’t been able to show its prowess. So far, the team has lost 3 matches during Week 1. The first was against Natus Vincere, whereas the second one came against HYDRA. Darkside’s most recent loss was versus HellRaisers.

Team Spirit vs Darkside Predictions

Match Winner

Considering that DS hasn’t won a single map and Team Spirit has few to no problems, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the latter is the favorite. If you check some of the top Dota 2 betting sites, you will notice that all of them consider TS the favorite.

Total Kills

Team Spirit is popular for being one of the teams that secure loads of kills. Since they’re in a pretty good form and will likely win this series fast, we expect to see around 30 kills.

Total Towers

In this Team Spirit vs Darkside prediction, we think that the total towers won’t be any more than 7. That’s because we believe TS will win the games faster and won’t allow their opponents to destroy any towers. 

Roshan Kills


If Team Spirit wins the games fast, we don’t expect to see more than 1 or two kills on Roshan. However, this may not be the case, so be careful if you choose this market.

The Player With The Most Kills

Yatoro and Larl are among the best core heroes in the EEU Dota 2 DPC Tour 2 Division I right now. With that said, we expect Yatoro to take this crown because he’s famous for his ability to secure kills.

The Player With The Most Assists

Collapse is widely regarded as one of the best offlaners in EEU, and he is notorious for participating in ganks. We believe Team Spirit will win the match, so we will choose Collapse for this Dota 2 prediction.

The Player With The Most Deaths

It is no surprise that position 5 players are those that die more often than others. In this case, we are confident that TS will win, meaning either SoNNeikO or RodjER will be those that will have the most deaths. 

Team Spirit vs Darkside Conclusion

This Dota 2 match will definitely be one of the most interesting ones of Week 2 of the Tour 2 of the 2023 DPC in EEU. However, make sure to check the other series because they may offer good odds for some markets.

Team Spirit vs Darkside Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2
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