Team Spirit Showered With Invites Following IEM Katowice Triumph

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Team Spirit Showered With Invites Following IEM Katowice Triumph

Team Spirit have a busy schedule ahead following their remarkable IEM Katowice 2024 run 

Starting strong in 2024, Spirit secured the championship title at IEM Katowice 2024 by outplaying FaZe in the final match. As a reward, they've secured coveted invitations to IEM Cologne, the Esports World Cup, and the BLAST Premier World Final. 

Team Spirit To Have A Busy Calendar Following IEM Katowice 2024 Success

Team Spirit Showered With Invites Following IEM Katowice Triumph
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The surge of invitations is a welcome development for Spirit. They are not one of the ESL partner teams and a newcomer in the BLAST Premier roster. Visa challenges forced the Russian squad to field two substitute players in the BLAST Spring Groups. Without Boris “magixx” Vorobiev and standout talent Danil “donk” Kryshkovets. As a result, they had to stay content with a BLAST Premier Showdown spot. Here are the tournaments now they will be taking part in, thanks to their IEM Katowice success:

IEM Cologne 2024

IEM Cologne 2024 will host its playoff stage in front of a live audience at the LANXESS arena from August 7 to August 18. As the freshly crowned IEM Katowice champions, Spirit secures a spot among the eight directly invited teams to the group stage, alongside eight others from the Play-In stage.

Esports World Cup 2024

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is set to host the Esports World Cup this summer, succeeding last year's Gamers8 tournament won by Vitality. Further details are still to be published, however, including number of participants and prize pool. 

BLAST Premier World Final 2024

The BLAST Premier World Final is set for November 13-17, but the location is still under wraps. This year, it's happening a month earlier due to the tournament season concluding with the Perfect World Shanghai Major from December 1-15.

Spirit will enjoy some downtime before heading to the European RMR in Bucharest. They've been grouped in the B tournament with squads like Vitality, MOUZ, and Cloud9. Their opening match will be against ENCE.

Team Spirit Showered With Invites Following IEM Katowice Triumph
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