Team Spirit Introduces Full Rebranding: New Logo, Style & Jerseys

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Team Spirit Introduces Full Rebranding: New Logo, Style & Jerseys

Team Spirit has officially gone through a full rebranding.

Russian esports organization Team Spirit has decided it's time for a shakeup. Their new, fresh look is designed to attract the attention of both the esports audiences and people who are far away from gaming and esports.

Two new Team Spirit jerseys, one in white and one in black, appear with both the front and back pictured on a black background

“The decision to change the visual style is absolutely natural. We felt that our look was morally outdated and did not meet either our needs or the needs of the nowadays' media space. In this situation, I am infinitely glad that there were people in the staff who were not only not afraid to take on such an ambitious project, but also were able to perform it at the highest level. We plan to not bring any major changes to the brand in the coming years”. Team Spirit’s CEO Nikita Chukalin said.

The rebranding process started with creating the core values of Team Spirit. On the basis of these, a manifesto of sorts was formulated. This embodies the mission and goals of the organization. It took many months and as a result, designers of Team Spirit have developed an innovative, minimalistic style. Furthermore, they did so without external assistance from marketing agencies. As a total, the work on rebranding took around 14 months.

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