Team Secret vs PSG.LGD Preview and Predictions: DreamLeague Season 20

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Team Secret vs PSG.LGD Preview and Predictions: DreamLeague Season 20

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD is a match between two teams at DreamLeague Season 20 that will be harder to predict than we think.

One of the interesting Dota 2 matches at DreamLeague Season 20 will be the PSG.LGD vs Team Secret clash. It may seem like a heavily one-sided match on paper, but in reality, this is one of the games where you can expect to see tons of surprises. Those who’re interested in putting their luck to the test can go to ESTNN to find some of the leading sites that will allow you to wager on this match. 

Team Secret

One of the squads that wasn’t able to achieve its goals during Tour 3 in Western Europe was Team Secret. Despite being among the favorites, Puppey and the rest lost a lot of matches and will be in Division II in the next DPC. With that said, the team has some chances of survival in Group A of DreamLeague Season 20.


Remco “Crystallis” Arets

  • He is the carry
  • When did he start playing? – 2018-Present
  • The best hero – Monkey King

Armel “Armel” Tabios 

  • He is the midder
  • When did he start playing? – 2016-Present
  • The best hero – Outworld Devourer

Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan 

  • He is the offlaner/midder
  • When did he start playing? – 2017-Present
  • The best hero – Storm Spirit

Daniyal “yamich” Lazebnyy 

  • He is the support/offlaner
  • When did he start playing?- 2017- Present
  • The best hero – Earthspirit

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov

  • He is the captain/support
  • When did he start playing? – 2011- Present
  • The best hero – Chen

Which players deserve more attention

Armel is the player that is considered the best here, but it all depends on the draft because Puppey can also be strong.


Dota2 PSGLGD NothingToSay TI10 2

China’s powerhouse will do everything in its power to finish among the best 4 teams in DreamLeague Season 20. However, it won’t be that easy because here are several challenges ahead of it, including the experienced Team Secret.


Guo “shiro” Xuanang 

  • He is the carry
  • Active Years – 2019-Present
  • The best hero -Morphling

Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiangr

  • He is the midder
  • Active Years – 2017-Present
  • The best hero – Kunkka

Li “niu” Kongbo

  • He is the offlaner
  • Active Years – 2019-Present
  • The best hero – Mars

Lin “planet” Hao

  • He is the support
  • Active Years – 2018-Present
  • The best hero – Rubick

Zhang “y`” Yiping

  • He is the support/captain
  • Active Years – 2014-Present
  • The best hero – Oracle

Which of the players here will have a special role

To be honest, all of PSG.LGD’s players are on another level. However, shiro and NothingToSay are among the best in the world.

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD – Predictions

  • Game 1 – PSG.LGD
  • Game 2 – PSG.LGD

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD – Maximum Last Hits Per Player

  • First Game – Over 300
  • Second Game – Over 200

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD – Which Team Will Secure First Blood

  • In the first game – Team Secret
  • In the second game – PSG.LGD

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD – First Kill

  • 1st Game – In Under 5 minutes
  • 2nd Game – In Under 3 minutes

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD – Watch it here

Team Secret vs PSG.LGD Preview and Predictions: DreamLeague Season 20
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