Team Secret Announces #SecretLegends Apex Legends Livestream Tryout

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Team Secret Announces #SecretLegends Apex Legends Livestream Tryout

With Apex Legends recently passing 50 million unique players, esports organizations are beginning to look at the potential competitive side. There have been a few small tournaments held over the past month, with the grand purses sitting well under the $100,000 mark. Twitch sponsored and streamed the events, which did well in viewership with the help of already established content creators like Ninja and Shroud.

While Apex received lots of attention on social media in the weeks following the release, it has not sustained the hype. The game’s average Twitch count has dwindled and now sits far below Fortnite, a game that they flew past in their first two weeks.

Nevertheless, the game has a place in the competitive scene, as it is the premier first-person BR game. A mix compromise between PUBG and League of Legends, Apex Legends allows users to master a single character with unique abilities and play styles. While this makes the game more interesting, it makes finding a team more difficult. Not only do you have to find players who can communicate, but you need to find the best combination of characters for your players to use.

Team Secret

Team Secret, an established Esports organization, looks to solve this issue by hosting a live-streamed tryout for interested teams. The tryout will be for both NA and EU teams this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Look for streams with the hashtag #SecretLegends in their stream title.

Secret seemingly kills two birds with one stone here, as not only do they benefit from a more efficient tryout style but also get exposure from the streams. This approach directly juxtaposes what other teams do – where players are typically brought in individually.

Other organizations have begun recruiting Apex Legends at an attempt to form a Pro squad. TSM, NRG, and Cloud9 are among the other prominent organizations that have publicly announced that they are actively recruiting Apex players. These are all prominent organizations and bode well for the future of the game as an esport.

With lots of players and a limited amount of teams that are actively recruiting, the market for Apex players is enormous. This means that the live-stream of the tryout should be awesome to watch, as players will certainly be giving it all to get their team to the next round of the tryouts.

The top 5 teams from the #SecretLegends event will move on to the final stage of the tryouts, which is a closed application.

You can sign up and view the tryout schedule on the Team Secret website here.

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