Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers Preview and Predictions: DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers Preview and Predictions: DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers will be the third match for one of the strongest teams in the world. 

As one of the most impressive Dota 2 teams in the world, Team Liquid has to prove itself again in Tour 3 Division I of Western Europe. Sadly, the squad already lost its opening match, so now it has to make no mistakes in the Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers clash. Since people like watching and betting on them, we expect some of the top sites where eSports betting is big to allow users to wager on it.

Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers Preview

We haven’t seen the Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers clash in a while, but if we take a look at the previous results, we can see that Team Liquid hasn’t had any problems. The thing is that 7.33 in Dota 2 changed a lot of things, and Liquid seems to be falling behind in the meta. Consequently, we expect the match to be way more intriguing.

Team Liquid

Before the D2 Hustlers vs Team Liquid clash, Nisha’s team failed to defeat Entity in a game where it should have been able to. After that match, Liquid also has to go up against Secret, which is another challenging matchup. However, this is not the case against D1 Hustlers, so the squad should be able to win.

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D2 Huslers

Speaking of the devil, Shad’s team hasn’t played any games at Tour 3 Division I in Western Europe so far. Sadly, their first clash is against Team Liquid, and it definitely won’t be easy because the latter will do everything it can to win.

Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers Predictions


Unsurprisingly, Liquid is the big favorite in this match, so we expect it to win the game pretty fast. Of course, this will depend on the specific picks, but Team Liquid is one of the best in the world when it comes down to winning games pretty fast. 

Is the handicap betting option worth it here?

Yes, this is one of the series where choosing some of the handicap options is definitely worth it. Even though those markets are riskier than usual, they provide better odds than others, so it’s worth checking them out.

Which team will have more towers once the match is over?

If we are talking about which team will destroy more towers than its opponents, our pick goes for Team Liquid. In fact, we would choose the same team when it comes down to the squad that will have more towers up.

More kills on Roshan

In the Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers clash the finalists of the Berlin Major 2023 should have more kills on Roshan.

Best Supports After 7.34e

Team Liquid vs D1 Hustlers – Where to watch this game

You can watch this match live on May 19 at 19:00 EEST. It will be available on YouTube and Twitch, and most of the top-tier sites for iGaming. Of course, you can also check our other tips about the hottest matches.

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