Team Liquid Concludes Domestic Abuse Investigations With Mav’s Release

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Team Liquid Concludes Domestic Abuse Investigations With Mav’s Release

Two-month-long investigations on allegations made by Rafael “Mav” Loureiro’s ex-girlfriend against Team Liquid’s Rainbow Six coach ended with his release.

The team confirmed that they were initiating the investigation on a January 6, 2021 statement. Team Liquid also released another statement.

“As a result of our findings, Mav has been released from Team Liquid effective immediately. . . The assessment found enough evidence to reasonably conclude that Mav's past actions and behavior had violated Team Liquid's values and code of conduct.”

The team’s findings were based on statements, screenshots, and chat logs that were either made public or volunteered to Team Liquid’s HR representatives. The representatives also conducted in-depth interviews with the concerned parties.

Team Liquid went further by stating support to communities inside and outside of their organization. In addition, the team will also be donating CEPIA. This is a foundation dedicated to advances in human rights for women and other historically marginalized people groups in Brazil.

Call of Duty mobile player Ingrid “Sol” Oliveira’s murder on February 22, 2021, allegedly by another player, Guilherme Alves Costa, sparked concerns about violence against women in the esports community. Numerous women have also made allegations against esports players and personalities.

In a statement he made on Twitlonger, Mav apologized to Team Liquid and other people, but not to his ex-girlfriend. He also clarified his status as a free agent. Then, he enumerated his accomplishments in R6 for any team that might be interested in his services.

Mav played for Faze Clan from early 2018 to August 2020 before moving to Team Liquid as a coach in October 2020.

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