Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team Prediction and Preview -DreamLeague Season 22 UB Final

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Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team Prediction and Preview -DreamLeague Season 22 UB Final

The Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team match in the DreamLeague Season 22 Upper Bracket final will be interesting, so join us as we discuss everything about it.

By the looks of it, Team Falcons and BetBoom Team are among the best Dota 2 teams right now. The squads achieved really good results so far, which will make this match even more unpredictable. Speaking of the BetBoom Team vs Team Falcons DreamLeague Season 22 clash, let’s learn more about it.

Team Falcons

So far, Team Falcons is the only Dota 2 squad that has not lost a single series. Despite the 5 draws in Group A, MENA’s powerhouse finished 2nd and advanced to the Second Group stage. Once there, Cr1t and the rest ripped through their opponents and secured first place without dropping a single series. 

BetBoom Team

The second-best performing Dota 2 team at DreamLeague Season 22 is BetBoom Team. The CIS squad was in Group A with Team Falcons, where it finished first. The first BetBoom Team vs. Team Falcons clash ended in a draw, but MENA’s powerhouse defeated their CIS counterparts in the second.

Speaking of the devil, BB Team won 5 games and lost 2, which allowed it to secure the 2nd spot in Group Stage 2. This means it is time for yet another match against Team Falcons.
Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team Prediction – FT Winner

Considering their previous encounters, it is really hard to determine which of the two squads would win. However, since the match can’t end in a draw, we’ll choose Team Falcons. The latter seems to be in an amazing form, so it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen.

Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team  – Number of Games

Even though TF defeated BB in their last match without dropping a game, we expect this series to give us access to 3 full maps. Team Falcons will probably lose the first one, but it will bounce back in Games 2 and 3.

Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team – Number of Kills on Roshan

Roshan is a key objective in Dota 2, so we expect to see at least 2 kills in the first and second games. As for Game 3, we will most likely have 3+ kills because the match should take much longer.

Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team – Length of Each Map

In the BetBoom Team vs Team Falcons clash, we expect Games 1 and 2 to be less than 40 minutes long. Game 3, however, will most likely be well over 1 hour. After all, no one would want to go down without a fight.

Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team – Time & Date

If you are hyped for one of the most important DreamLeague Season 22 series, you can watch it on March 9 at 19:30 EET. Of course, it will be available on DL’s official Twitch Stream.

Team Falcons vs BetBoom Team Prediction and Preview -DreamLeague Season 22 UB Final
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