Team Aster Reportedly Lose Star Player

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Team Aster Reportedly Lose Star Player

Reports claim that Chinese Dota 2 outfit Team Aster have lost a key member

As the post-TI12 roster reshuffling begins in the global Dota 2 scene, Team Aster have reportedly encountered the departure of a senior player. While there is no official confirmation at this time, strong indications strongly suggest that the move has indeed occurred.

Which Star Player Has Reportedly Left Team Aster?

Team Aster Reportedly Lose Star Player

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According to reports, Du “Monet” Peng has left Team Aster. This update became evident through Valve's Dota 2 Majors Registration Page, where the carry player is no longer shown as a Team Aster player. 

The page indicates that Team Aster's lineup has been reduced to just four players. This is the current Team Aster roster shown there:


  • TBD
  • Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan (on loan from Nigma Galaxy)
  • Lin “Xxs” Jing
  • Hu “kaka” Liangzhi
  • Yu “Siamese.C” Yajun


Monet leaves Team Aster as an esteemed veteran who served the team for three years and consistently shone with exceptional performances over the years. His unwavering consistency stood out, especially when considering the fluctuations in other players' roles and performances.

The victory achieved at the Intel World Open Beijing marked a significant milestone for Team Aster, representing a proud moment in their competitive journey. It was their remarkable fourth-place finish at The International 11 (TI11), however, that truly stood out as the pinnacle of their achievements in the past three years.

Looking ahead to 2023, Team Aster eagerly participated in numerous international competitions, aiming to build upon their past successes.

Despite their dedication and hard work, they faced challenges in fully showcasing their capabilities on the global stage. The year was marked by moments of promise, yet the elusive victory in major tournaments seemed just out of reach.

Team Aster had entered the TI12 Chinese qualifier as one of the frontrunners, with high hopes of securing a coveted spot at The International 12. Their strong track record and impressive performances in the lead-up to the tournament had established them as favorites.

Their journey took an unexpected and disappointing turn, nonetheless, when they faced a shocking defeat at the hands of Team Bright.

This defeat, which saw them exit the tournament in 5th-6th place, marked a heartbreaking conclusion to what had been one of the most frustrating and disheartening seasons in the team's history. The disappointment and anguish of falling short of their own expectations and the expectations of their devoted fan base were palpable.

More Roster Changes Expected in Chinese Dota 2 scene

Following the surprising and disappointing failure of renowned Chinese teams like Invictus Gaming and Xtreme Gaming to secure a spot at TI12 this year, the Dota 2 competitive scene in China is poised for a significant shakeup. With such unexpected eliminations, it has become evident that roster changes are likely to occur across several teams in the region.

Team Aster Face Uncertain Future

Team Aster are currently in the midst of a significant restructuring phase, a process triggered by the departure of key players. Monet, a prominent and highly regarded member, is among those who have left the squad, leaving a void that is not easy to fill. 

Furthermore, the absence of Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao, who initially joined the team for TI12's Southeast Asian qualifiers while on loan with BOOM Esports, raises questions about the team's composition and strategy moving forward.

The uncertainty doesn't stop there. Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, a player of global renown, had embarked on an adventurous journey, briefly stepping into an unfamiliar region to compete under the Aster banner. However, his experience in this new environment didn't yield the anticipated results, leaving his future with Team Aster shrouded in doubt.

Team Aster Reportedly Lose Star Player
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