Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

Let’s learn more about the Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy match at DreamLeague Season 19.

Day 2 of Group B of DreamLeague Season 19 has a couple of interesting matches, such as the Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy one. These 2 powerhouses haven’t played against each other before, making the match even more interesting. As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised if you browse the hottest sites for Dota 2 betting and come across this event. 

Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy Preview

Although NGX’s roster looks incredibly powerful on paper, in reality, the team has a lot of problems. The good news is that Miracle- decided to come back for this event, giving the team a better chance of winning. However, they will have to a mountain to climb because Talon Esports is really good lately.

Talon Esports

The leading team in Southeast Asia is one of the main squads people will pay attention to at DreamLeague Season 19. Needless to say, the Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy match will also be among the go-to matches to watch. Even though it’s still day 2 of the event, the teams will have to win to keep their chances of advancing in the event.

Nigma Galaxy

After dropping to Division II for Tour 3, Nigma Galaxy won’t have that many chances to shine on the international scene. As a result, the Nigma Galaxy vs Talon Esports match will be incredibly interesting because the team will try to win at all costs.

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Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy Predictions

There is no arguing that Talon Esports is the favorite in this clash. However, we think that the game will end in a draw because NGX wouldn’t want to go down without giving everything they offer.

Who’ll win the first map?

Even though Nigma Galaxy will want to shine in this match, we think that Talon is in a better overall form. That’s why we think the squad will take the lead in the series by winning the first map.

First to get 10 kills

Sumail Dota 2 OG

In the Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy match, we think that the SEA powerhouse will be the first to get 10 kills. Yet, SumaiL and Miracle- are two names that can explode at any minute, so the team has to be careful.

First to Kill Roshan

Nigma Galaxy is one of the squads at DreamLeague Season 19 that almost always tried to get an early Roshan and use it to gain an advantage. Hence, the team will likely do that again.

First Player to Reach Level 10

Considering that the two teams’ mid-laners are among the best in the world, this title will go to SumaiL or Mikoto. That said, we think that NGX’s player is slightly better, so we’ll choose him.

Talon Esports vs Nigma Galaxy – Where to Watch?

Like the other matches from DeamLeague Season 19, this one will take place on YouTube and Twitch. You can tune in on April 10 at 20:30 EEST. Also, make sure to check our other predictions.