SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings Guide

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SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings Guide

In SteamWorld Build, in addition to spending time underground to scavenge resources in the Dusty Caverns, Marshy Ruins, and Crackling Depths, you'll also have to spend time building your city above ground. In fact, what you do in the mines will be used to build buildings on the surface. The first buildings you can build, the SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings, are quite basic and do not present any particular peculiarities; however, we believe it is advisable to have a general overview of what they are and how they work so that you are not caught unprepared when you start building your first city.

All SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings

SteamWorld Build offers players nine different types of Worker Buildings from which you can choose to create the city of your dreams. Obviously, however, there are some rules to follow in order to use them, as you will have to take into consideration several factors, which we will explain in detail below.

Dirt Road

This is the first thing you will have the opportunity to build in SteamWorld Build. This is not a real building, but a dirt road that will allow you to connect the various buildings that you decide to build. In fact, what city would it be if there were no roads to travel on? Furthermore, they also have the task of ensuring that delivery bots are able to make deliveries between Warehouses and Production buildings.


This isn't really a worker building because it's not in the worker tab. It's the only building that doesn't belong to any Steambot type, so we've placed it here. The warehouse has its own set of items that can make your overall storage bigger or make more delivery bots work from that warehouse. Warehouses are crucial for fast deliveries. If there are many production buildings waiting for delivery or the warehouse is slow, you can either give an item to the warehouse or build another one close by.

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SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings

Worker Residential

The sole Residential structure in this group gives you money and workers without needing them in return. Because you require money and workers for advancement, you'll construct numerous of these. As a Residential building, it differs in three key ways from other structures. It offers money and workers without demanding them. It becomes more intricate as you advance, starting with basic requirements and output and gradually evolving into more intricate and lucrative forms. It can be enhanced into an Engineer building with a 100 percent Satisfaction rate.

General Store

Although its name may be misleading, don't expect to be able to buy anything from this building. In fact, the sole purpose of the General Store is to give satisfaction to Residential Workers. Consequently, our advice is to build one near the Worker neighborhood.


The Forester is used to produce logs in SteamWorld Build. So, since both boards and charcoal are always in high demand items, being in possession of this building is a fundamental thing for your city. However, keep in mind that in order for you to make the most of its efficiency, you will have to build it near groves of trees.

SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings


The Lumbermill stands as another dependable addition to the SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings. Tasked with a crucial role, this building excels at transforming the logs meticulously crafted by the Forester into valuable boards. The synergy between the Forester and the Lumbermill is undeniable, forming a dynamic duo in the realm of resource management. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to overlook the construction of a Lumbermill, as it serves as the perfect complement to the Forester, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow in the game.

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Service Shop

As already happened in the case of the General Store, don't be fooled by the name of this building. In fact, it too will not have the purpose of selling materials as its name suggests, but only has the purpose of giving Worker Residential Satisfaction in SteamWorld Build.

Cactus Farm

This special SteamWorld Build building makes Cactus Water. Workers need Cactus Water to be happy, and you can turn it into Moonshine for Engineer Satisfaction. For the Cactus Farm to work really well, you have to put down three farm plots. Just choose the building and use the Place Fields button on its info card. One field has to be next to the building, and all three fields must be connected.

Charcoal Kiln

The Charcoal Kiln is a different kind of Production building. It basically changes one thing into another. Charcoal is quite important because Workers and Engineers need it to be happy. Also, it's used to make Blackpowder and Robot Steak, making it even more useful in different ways. So, having a Charcoal Kiln is a good idea to keep everyone content and to create these other important things.

SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings

SteamWorld Build Worker Buildings Guide
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