SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Guide

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SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Guide

In SteamWorld Build, your task is to build your own city. To do this, however, you will need money and resources that you can find by exploring the game world. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns, one of the maps that allows you to visit the mines. Here, you will have the opportunity to find all the resources you need to start building your dream city and be able to continue to create increasingly larger and more sophisticated housing complexes.

How to Unlock the SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

Unlocking the Dusty Caverns begins with fixing the Abandoned Mineshaft, the entrance to the mines you want to check out. It's the first part you can explore. To do the fixing, get eight Boards, make sure you have 18 Engineer Steambots in your town, and have 1,200 Money. Also, remember to fix the Train Station. It's important, too. These repairs are like keys that open up more of the underground world for you. So, gather the stuff you need, make sure the Steambots are ready, and get that Train Station fixed to keep your mining journey going smoothly.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Resources

In the Dirty Cavers, there are different types of resources you can find, the most important being Scrap Veins, Ironium Veins, and Dirty Water. Also, keep in mind that you will also be able to start finding single-extraction resources such as Gold Nuggets, Rubies, and Tool Veins. Below, we explain in detail the resources you can find in the Dusty Caverns.

Scrap Veins

Scrap Veins are like treasure spots that always have Scrap, a key material for making Tools, Pickaxes, and Spare Parts, especially for your Engineers. To get Scrap at first, you'll use Prospector Steambots. They mine and carry stuff from these veins. Later on, when you open up the Workshop quarters, you can make a Scrap Extractor. It's like a machine that grabs Scrap for you automatically.

One thing you should keep in mind is that Prospector Steambots are great for moving most things around. So, having enough quarters for your Prospectors is smart. It helps them move things faster and get more stuff off the ground. Keep your Prospector team strong for speedy transportation and getting the most out of Scrap Veins. You can make Scrap Extractors when you get Mechanic Steambots after having at least 120 Engineers. Just make sure you build a Workshop that's at least three-by-three tiles for them to work in.

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Making a Scrap Extractor isn't free, though. It takes 1000 Money, five Boards, and five Tools to put one together. So, once you have the right Steambots and Workshop set up, gather the materials, and you'll be ready to create your Scrap Extractors. These machines are handy for automatically getting Scrap, an important resource, making your work more efficient in the game.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

Ironium Veins

Ironium Veins are like special places that always have Ironium, a useful material in the game. You use Ironium to make Sheet Metal for different buildings, help Cattle Farms produce food for places like Burgermeister, and even create advanced tools like the Carbide Drill.

To get Ironium, your Prospector Steambots mine it and bring it to your town. Once you unlock the Sheet Metal Factory and can make Sheet Metal, you can build an Ironium Extractor. This machine pulls out Ironium automatically. But making an Ironium Extractor isn't free. It costs 4,000 Money, 10 Tools, and six Sheet Metal. So, once you're ready, gather those materials to set up your own Ironium Extractor and boost your resource game.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

Dirty Water

Dirty Water is like a never-ending source of, well, dirty water! But don't worry, you can clean it up and make it regular water in a Water Purifier building. This water is essential for running the Wash Service Shop and other buildings like the Steam Furnace later on in SteamWorld Build.

Unlike Scrap and Ironium, you can't just grab Dirty Water. You need a Dirty Water Extractor to do that. To make one, set up a three-by-three Workshop first, and then you can start making Sheet Metal. But building a Dirty Water Extractor isn't free. It takes 6,000 Money, six Tools, and four Sheet Metal. So, when you're ready, gather these things up, and you'll be on your way to turning that Dirty Water into something useful for your town.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Hazards

In SteamWorld Build, there are hazards that you will have to deal with. The main one of the Dirty Caverns is, without a doubt, Instability. As you begin to delve into the mines to find the resources you need to build your structures, you will inevitably create instability problems on the ground above you. If your moves are too reckless and you don't take action, the ground above you will soon begin to collapse.

This is obviously not a positive thing. In this case, stones and debris will begin to fall, which will create quite a few problems. In fact, every structure you have built in that area will be destroyed by the fury of the earth (and by your hunger to find resources without thinking about how you are damaging the land!). Consequently, the Steambots found there will also be damaged or, in the worst-case scenario, killed, so you will have to arrange for them to be repaired by a Mechanic.

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However, all is not lost (at least in the game). In fact, the instability of the place can be kept under control by placing Pillars that allow you to permanently strengthen a large five-by-five area, unless you decide to remove it or it is destroyed. Furthermore, you should also know that Miner Steambots have the perk of automatically reinforcing walls, increasing stability up to one tile away from them.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Blueprints

In the Mineshaft, each layer hides a special blueprint that can change how life in your mining town works, making it better. The Dusty Caverns hold a blueprint for something called a Steam Vent. This is like a supercharger for your Steambots, making them go way faster. You'll find this special blueprint in one of the chests scattered around the Dusty Caverns. Don't worry, it's guaranteed to be in one of them.

Now, to make these upgrades happen, you'll need the help of a Mechanic Steambot. They're the ones who can install and set up things like Steam Vents and other cool stuff to make your town run smoother. Imagine your Steambots zipping around with this speed boost from the Steam Vent, making everything in your mining world faster and more efficient.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Rocket Parts

One big task on your to-do list in the game is finding Rocket Parts, and every layer in the mines has two sets waiting to be discovered. You can stumble upon Rocket Parts while digging through the cavern layer, but there's a smarter and faster way. Enter the Radar System, a game-changer in locating these valuable parts with precision.

Unlocking the Radar System comes with reaching the Surveillance Facility quarters milestone, achievable after recruiting at least 200 Engineers. As usual, you'll need a three-by-three facility for it to fit and operate. When you have the Radar System in place, it reveals Rocket Parts in clearings. Grabbing them requires six miners, and it takes about a minute in real-time to unearth each part. Once it's out, a quick interaction is all it takes to add that Rocket Part to your collection.

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns

SteamWorld Build Dusty Caverns Guide
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