SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Guide

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SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Guide

After exploring the Dusty Caverns, the time has come to take action and explore other areas of the game world, such as the SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins. It is a setting that is very reminiscent of swamps, so you will need bridges to cross them and explore them far and wide. However, of course, dangers are always around the corner and there are different things you will need to pay attention to. For this reason, in this article, we will give you a detailed explanation of what you will have to do in the SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins.

How to Unlock the SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

In order to unlock this new area of the game, you will first have to repair the Broken Mineshaft found in the Dusty Caverns. Unfortunately for you, the Broken Mineshaft is stuck behind a mechanical gate. For this reason, you will have to dig until you reach both a green lever and a yellow lever, then activate them both and unlock the door. Luckily, any wire will lead you to the levers, so if you don't find them, simply follow the wires. Finally, keep in mind that to repair the Mineshaft Elevator, you will need 1200 money, 25 sheet metal, 40 boards, and 10 aristobots.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Resources

In this new area of SteamWorld Build, as far as resources are concerned, you will find both old favorites such as Gold Nuggets and Tool Veins, and new additions. Among them are Plastishrooms, Crude Oil, Gas, and Fertile Soil. Furthermore, obviously, you can also find what was present inside the Dusty Caverns and therefore Scrap Veins, Ironium Veins, and Dirty Water.


Plastishrooms are like a special kind of never-ending resource spot. They give you Plastishrooms, which you must have to make Plastic. To get Plastishrooms, you need a Plastishroom Farm. This farm is sort of like Steambot quarters because you can choose where to put it. It has to be at least a three-by-three area. You can only put Plastishroom Farms on Fertile Soil tiles. You find these tiles randomly as you explore deeper into the Marshy Ruins.

You can't put pillars on these tiles, so put them around the farm to handle the layer's instability. Prospectors take out Plastishrooms and move them around. You'll need a big quarter for them to make sure they can handle it. Building one Plastishroom Farm tile costs 300 Money, two Boards, two Tools, and one Sheet Metal. If you put Steam Vents near Plastishroom Farms, it speeds up moving them because Conveyor Belts don't work for Plastishroom Farms.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

Crude Oil

Crude Oil is like a forever resource spot that gives you Crude Oil. You can turn this Crude Oil into regular Oil at an Oil Refinery. Oil is the fuel for buildings like the Diesel Plant, Carburizing Plant, and Fine Dining Restaurant. Just like Dirty Water, you need to put an extractor on top of Crude Oil to get the resources from it. Once you place an Oil Extractor on it, your Prospector Steambots will take care of moving it. Making each Oil Extractor costs 5,000 Money, 15 Tools, and nine Sheet Metal. To unlock it, you need at least 80 Aristobots in your city.

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SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins


Gas is like a resource well that gives you Gas. You use this Gas to power refineries and buildings like the Sulfur Distillery. To get Gas, just put a Gas Extractor on top of it. Your Prospector Steambots will do the job of moving the Gas around. Making a Gas Extractor costs 8,000 Money, 15 Tools, 15 Sheet Metal, and five Plastic. To use it, you need at least 120 Aristobots in your city.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Hazards

In the Marshy Ruins, in addition to having to continue to keep an eye on the Instability of the area to avoid collapses, the first enemies will also begin to enter the game. In this area there are exactly six different types of enemies, namely: Small Beetles, Medium Beetles, Large Beetles, Worms, The Hive and The Creep. Some of these enemies will attack both your machinery and Steambots, while others will focus only on the latter.

For this reason, if you want to get the better of your enemies, you will have to employ the Guard Steambots and use the automatic defenses that you can build using the Armory. These new Steambots are very useful because they are capable of engaging in any type of combat, as well as being able to knock down doors. As regards automatic defenses, however, they are capable of attacking any type of enemy that is within their range.


There are Beetle-type enemies hiding in glowing green Enemy Tiles in the Marshy Ruins, and they come in three different types. When you break any tile near an Enemy Tile, there's an equally random chance for any variant of Beetle to pop out. These Beetles are troublemakers. They not only attack and might wreck your Steambots but can also mess up machines, pillars, and Steambot quarters. All three types of Insect enemies can be beaten by Guards or automated defenses, but Guards can catch up and take them down easier than the defenses.

The Small Beetles show up in groups of three to six on each Enemy Tile. Guards or automated defenses like the Flame Turret can handle them with a couple of hits, but they're the speediest bugs around. Medium Beetles are bigger, float above the ground, and shoot from a distance. Guards or Turrets can take them down with a few hits, but they can cross pits to reach Bots or machines. Large Beetles look like giant stag beetles and are the slowest of the bunch. But watch out, they have the most health and deal the most damage.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins


Worms are serious trouble, one-tile enemies that can grab and take down a Steambot as soon as they get close. These enemies live in the ground and start off looking like a set of teeth or rocks with a glowing orange tendril in the middle. Once a Steambot gets near, they'll stretch out, grab the Bot, and start munching. Worms take about a minute to finish their meal. During this time, Steambots can walk over them safely, but once they're done, they become a threat again.

To beat a Worm in SteamWorld Build, you need to build at least a three-by-three Armory and put a Thumper automatic defense within its range. A Thumper can smash any Worm in a single hit if it's in range. Watch out, though; if you destroy a Thumper in their range or move it away, Worms will come back in the same spot.

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SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

The Hive

The Hive is a unique mix of Insect enemies and Fertile Soil tiles that encircle each Rocket Part in the Marshy Ruins. When you start digging up a Rocket Part for the first time, the Hive goes into action, rapidly spawning enemies across the tile sets. These critters go after your Bots and machines. The Hive isn't shy about launching sudden attacks either, especially if you've found a Rocket Part but haven't dealt with it yet. It can throw multiple attacks at you simultaneously.

Unlike the usual Enemy Tiles, the Hive can bring out several Large Beetles at once. To defend against this, make sure you have at least ten Guards and a Turret, like the Grenade Turret, ready for action. Also, keep some Mechanics on hand to fix up your Steambots. The Hive doesn't play favorites when it comes to the types of Insect enemies it spawns. It'll give you a heads-up each time a round is about to begin. The Beetle onslaught won't stop until you finish digging up the Rocket Part.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

The Creep

As you venture further into the Marshy Ruins, you'll come across The Creep—an odd, living mass of purple and green vines. True to its name, The Creep slowly spreads onto nearby tiles. If it covers them completely, you can't build anything on those tiles, and Steambots will crawl through them more slowly.

Even though The Creep isn't harmful by itself, it can complicate things and make it easier for enemies to catch up with and attack your retreating Steambots. To handle The Creep, get your Guards equipped with Flamethrowers. With these fiery tools, they'll automatically burn away any Creep they can reach. You might find Flamethrowers in random chests scattered around Marshy Ruins or as a possible trade item from the Train Station.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Blueprints

Also in the Marshy Ruins, you will have the chance to find blueprints—to be precise, the Convoyer Belt blueprint. To find it, all you need to do is open various chests found in the area, as, even if there is no specific spawn, it is guaranteed that it is present in one of them. This blueprint is used as a road tile and allows you to connect multiple Excavators to your Mineshaft. Furthermore, as long as there is an Excavator connected to them, all resources will be automatically delivered to your city.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Rocket Parts

Finally, we close our guide by talking about the Marshy Ruins Rocket Parts. In fact, even in this area, as in the previous one, you will have to find them in order to advance in the game, even if, this time, they will be more difficult to find. Our advice is to use a three-by-three Surveillance Facility and a Radar System to be able to locate the parts that, fortunately, are on the same part of the map, even if you will have to make use of bridges to pass the pits. For each of the Rocket Parts, you will need eight Miner Steambots and you will have to watch out for The Hive to start summoning Beetles.

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins

SteamWorld Build Marshy Ruins Guide
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