SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Guide

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SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Guide

After having provided you with a detailed guide on the Dusty Caverns and the Marshy Ruins, the time has come to talk to you about the last area found underground, namely the SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths. This environment is full of canyons and machines where you can find many important resources for your city. Always pay attention to the threats that hide in the darkness. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about the SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths.

How to Unlock the SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths

In order to access the SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths, you will have to continue in the game and overcome the Marshy Ruins. At this point, you will have to repair the third Abandoned Mineshaft so that you can open the way. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to operate three different levers, so if you have difficulty finding them, simply follow the cables until they reach their destination. Finally, it is important to point out that to repair this Mineshast you will need 2500 Money, 25 Sheet Metal, 40 Boards, and 10 Scientist Steambots.

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Resources

In addition to the resources you have learned about in the Dusty Caverns and Marshy Ruins, there will also be two new resources in the Crackling Depths, namely the Vectron Scrap and the Jetshrooms. Below we provide you with more details on these two new resources that you can find in the game.

Vectron Scrap

Unlike Scrap Veins and Jetshrooms, the first kind of Vectron Scrap vein you'll find is the single-extraction type, providing Vectron Scrap. To use Vectron Scrap, you must process it into Vectron Parts in a Retrofit Lab. These parts are essential for recruiting more Scientist Steambots or serving as fuel for buildings.

Miners Steambots extract them by digging through them like normal rock tiles. No Prospectors or extraction machines are not needed for harvesting. These veins often appear in large clusters, usually surrounding one or more Vectron Enemy Tiles. Therefore, it's crucial to build Guard quarters as soon as you arrive in Crackling Depths.

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Another type of Vectron Scrap is a permanent resource vein, but it's even rarer than the single extraction kind. You can only find it when you venture deeper into the Crackling Depths. To collect Vectron Scrap from these veins, you'll have to deploy Prospectors initially. Once you've got a city with at least 120 Scientists, you can build a Vectron Scrap Extractor in the Workshop to automatically harvest them.

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths


Jetshrooms, similar to Plastishrooms, are a lasting resource. To grow Jetshrooms, you must construct a Jetshroom farm on Fertile Soil. Setting up a Jetshroom Farm is similar to placing Steambot quarters, but it needs to cover at least a three-by-three tile section to operate and yield Jetshrooms. These unique mushrooms are considered an end-game resource. You can only build both the Jetshrooms and their farm after recruiting a substantial number of Scientists—specifically, at least 240 or more in your city. Additionally, having at least one of these farms is crucial for completing the game.

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Hazards

In addition to the threats that were present in the previous zones, in the SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths there is also a new enemy tile that will be able to generate four different variations of Vectron enemies. Consequently, you will have to pay close attention, and they will give you a hard time if you don't know how to deal with them.


In the mechanical Enemy Tiles, you'll encounter Vectron-type enemies, which show up as clusters of wires with an Undead Bot stuck inside. These tiles can unleash one of four enemy variants, and defeating any of the first four opens a chance for a fifth variant to appear. Similar to Beetles, Vectron hordes go after Steambots and nearby structures like Defensive Turrets, Pillars, and Extractors.

The most common Vectron enemy is the Undead Bot, a gray Steambot with red eyes and an open mouth. Only one spawns from a tile at a time, moving slowly and taking about seven hits from Guards to dispatch. Undead Pickaxe Bots are less common but they pack a punch with a pickaxe. They can disable any non-Guard Steambot in one or two hits.

Gunner Bots are airborne units armed with laser blasters, causing significant damage to both bots and machines. They move faster than Undead Bots but are still relatively slow. Creeping Hulks, the largest Vectron enemies, look like the top half of a large bot with trailing wires. They're quick and powerful, spawning as frequently as the other variations.

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The fifth enemy, the Necromancer Bot, is a floating, glowing skull. It may appear when you defeat another Vectron enemy, and it has the ability to revive recently destroyed enemies. However, quick dispatching by Guards or Turrets can prevent this revival. Eliminating a Necromancer Bot results in any revived enemies dying alongside it.

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths



SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Blueprints

In the depths of Crackling Depths, you stumble upon the Teleporter Blueprint. Just like before, it's tucked away in one of the randomly scattered chests on the floor, but rest assured, you'll find it. Teleporters come in pairs, one at each location you wish to connect, and the building cost only applies to the first one. You can place a maximum of two sets of Teleporters on each mineshaft floor. These incredibly handy machines offer versatility. They can be utilized in various ways, such as swiftly moving Guards between areas where The Hive launches attacks to bolster defense or speeding up Mechanics as they traverse the map to tend to machines.

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Rocket Parts

In Crackling Depths, you will find the last two Rocket Parts. To find them, you can use either the Radar System or you can rely on your exploration skills and find them while you are exploring the area. Obviously, to speed up the process, the first option is the one to choose, but if you are an experienced searcher and are not in a hurry, the second option is definitely the one for you. Anyway, both Rocket Parts are behind Vectron Scrap tiles and Enemy tiles and will be covered by The Creep. To be able to extract them, you must know that you will have to have 10 Miners available for each of them, so you will have to do the math in your pocket and allocate the right number of Steambots for everything you have to do in this air.

SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths


SteamWorld Build Crackling Depths Guide
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