Spring Showdown and Paris Major RMRs Rescheduled by BLAST

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Spring Showdown and Paris Major RMRs Rescheduled by BLAST

The CSGO event organizer moved dates around to accommodate players and teams

BLAST has taken note of feedback from teams and community members to reschedule the Spring Showdown and the BLAST.tv Paris Major Regional Major Rankings. The Spring Showdown will now take place earlier, while the RMRs have been slightly delayed.

BLAST moves Spring Showdown and Paris Major

The dates of the Spring Showdown have been advanced to March 29 – April 2, moved from its initial slot of April 12 – 16. As for the RMRs, they were scheduled for April 3 to 12, but now the routine has been completely rejigged. The Asia RMR will run from April 4-8 — with the possibility of the event starting a day later and being shorter. Meanwhile, the Americas RMR will take place on April 5-9, and April 6-9 will see Europe RMR A going down. Europe RMR B falls on April 11-14, and finally, the European Last Chance Play-In is due to take place on April 15.

These changes come in light of a few problems that arose with the initially confirmed dates. One of these was the BLAST.tv Paris Major RMRs were scheduled for April 12, which was also the date when the Spring Showdown was supposed to start. The other issue was that IEM Brazil was taking place one day after the initially planned end date of the Spring Showdown, which was on April 17.

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This packed timetable could have easily caused many clashes and resultant dilemmas for teams who wanted to take part in more than one of these events as they would not have been able to travel in time to attend both — even if one doesn’t account for fatigue.

In fact, for those who intend to participate in both the European Last Chance Play-In and IEM Brazil, the travel time is still not enough as the two events are only two days apart.

BLAST is no stranger to rearranging the pathways to qualification in this way. They have already expanded on the open qualifiers for the BLAST.tv Paris Major RMRs following the community’s disapproval. They have also changed the RMR dates on more than one occasion.

As for the current schedule: 

  • Spring Showdown: March 29-April 2
  • Asia RMR: April 4-8 (could be changed to April 5-8)
  • Americas RMR: April 5-9
  • Europe RMR A: April 6-9
  • Europe RMR B: April 11-14
  • Europe Last Chance Play-In: April 15
Spring Showdown and Paris Major RMRs Rescheduled by BLAST
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