Splitgate Season 0 Revealed- New Maps, Battle Pass, Modes & More

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Splitgate Season 0 Revealed- New Maps, Battle Pass, Modes & More

The first season of Splitgate is finally here.

Splitgate has been one of the biggest FPS games since its beta launch on Consoles last month. Tonight, Season 0 goes live, and here’s everything you need to know.

New Map

Season 0 of Splitgate brings a brand new map, Karman Station. Karman Station is a reimagining of an original map, Outpost, that was a fan-favorite during the original alpha phase on PC.

The Karman Station map in Splitgate, a futuristic space facility with some natural cave and grass elements throughout.

New Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass features 100 levels of brand new items that are exclusive to the pass. This includes new armors, weapons skins, name tags, banners and portal skins. Unlocking the battle pass also unlocks Seasonal Challenges, allowing you to earn more XP and Drops.

A Splitgate Season 0 Battle Pass Cardboard Legendary Assault Rifle appears on a yellow background in the game.

New game modes

Contamination – New asymmetrical mode with two teams. The “Contaminated” team starts with Bats only and seeks to frag the “Human” team, who have shotguns. When a Human team member dies, they respawn on the Contaminated team. The game ends when time runs out or if all players are contaminated.

Casual Team Rumble – A new casual playlist with various game modes too wacky for normal casual! Game modes include Contamination, Big Head Snipers, Splitball, and more!

Ranked and game mode updates

Ranked has also received a few updates, with more ELO levels being added, and the Pistol becoming fully automatic. Hills and Domination points have been updated on some maps, with the Hill mesh also updated.

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