How To Get More Drops In Splitgate

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How To Get More Drops In Splitgate

Here’s how to get more drops, and free skins in Splitgate.

If you’ve played much Splitgate since the release of the beta, you’ll notice that Drops are in a short supply. While you start off with quite a few, Drops become more and more scarce the more you play. So, here’s all the ways you can earn drops in Splitgate.

Daily Log-in

The best and most consistent way is through the Daily Log-in. Logging into the game once every day will earn you rewards, with the fourth reward being a drop. Once you log-in for seven days in a row, the streak resets and you can earn another drop.

Weekly Challenges

Completing weekly challenges are yet another great way to earn drops, with this week's challenges earning you a total of two drops. The weekly challenges also grant you a lot of XP, which we’ll move onto next.

Leveling Up

During the Splitgate beta, each time you level up from levels 1 – 10 you earn a drop. While this soon caps out, it gives you a great starting number of drops, allowing you to earn some cosmetics before you really get into the game. With the full release, we’re not sure whether this way of earning drops will stay, however with the scarcity of drops in the game, we expect there to be more ways in the future.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass also grants you with drops, earning one drop every four tiers. However, with the Battle Pass maxing out at tier 15 in the beta, this gives you a maximum of three for now.

That’s everything you need to know about drops in Splitgate. While they can be in short supply, multiple ways to earn them makes them accessible, and hopefully with the full release more will be available.

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