Splitgate Open Beta Extended Indefinitely

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Splitgate Open Beta Extended Indefinitely

The increased popularity of the game urged the devs to extend the deadline.

Splitgate has been steadily rising in popularity for the past month. The game, which was described by developer studio 1047 Games as the lovechild of hit titles Halo and Portal, just hit 10 million downloads across all platforms! While Splitgate's beta has been playable on PC since 2019, the game has been available for consoles since July, which saw the numbers of the game surging. Nevertheless, achieving 10 million is no small feat.

But instead of releasing the game in August, the developers pulled the brakes. In a press release published after hitting the milestone, 1047 Games said that the game will benefit from remaining in open beta, so Splitgate will remain in this state indefinitely. While this move caused a wave of disappointment among the fans, the developers made the right call.

The future of Splitgate

Splitgate servers have had problems keeping up with the increasing number of players. While the devs are trying to fix the issue, the “waiting for room on the server” message still pops up often. The developers are getting ready for “massive scale” when the games officially launches, and they promised to ship out content and updates frequently. They recently added 2v2 Ranked mode, and as the beta Battle Pass will expire on August 24, we can expect a new Pass in the coming weeks. In addition, the devs have a big announcement for August 25, which they’ll reveal at Gamescon.

Splitgate scratched a long-time itch of the multiplayer FPS community. While it has the classic arena shooter elements and accessible gameplay, it puts a unique spin on the formula by adding the portals of Valve’s classic puzzle-platformer. The portals add an extra layer of depth to the shooter, and rewards fast thinking and creativity, also adding a fresh feeling to Splitgate. 1047 Games are clearly thinking long-term, and Splitgate will hopefully have a long and successful run in the coming months, or even years.

Splitgate Open Beta Extended Indefinitely
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