Some Of The Most Expensive Cosmetic Items In Dota 2

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Some Of The Most Expensive Cosmetic Items In Dota 2

ESTNN looks at some of the most expensive items you can get in Dota 2.

Dota 2 is one of the many games where people can purchase cosmetic items that change the way their favorite heroes, items, and effects look. Instead of creating a pay-2-win game, Valve decided to offer “skins” that allow players to have fun. Some of the items can be obtained for free, whereas others can be purchased from the Steam Store at any time.

With that being said, there are many items that people can’t get for free nor purchase from the store. That’s because they were only available for exclusive events or after a specific challenge. Some of them can’t be traded between players, whereas others don’t have this condition. As a result, they often sell for a lot of money on the “secondary market”.

Even though providing an accurate list of the most expensive items in Dota 2 is difficult, we’ve decided to point out a few of them. Keep in mind that this list can always change in the future because the price of some items will change drastically over the years.

Dragonclaw Hook

Since Pudge is one of the heroes everyone likes picking every once in a while, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise he has plenty of expensive items. Even though most people think of his relatively new Arcana, there are several other items stand out. And one of them is the Dragonclaw Hook.

This item became extremely popular in 2012; since then, it's become one of the most sought-after items in the game. Of course, this reflects on its price. Which can reach a couple of hundred dollars (US), depending on the supply and demand.

It's important to note that this item doesn't change the hero’s abilities. It simply makes Pudge’s hook look more epic, which seems to be enough because people like it. Before you check whether this item is available, don’t forget that many scammers use it to lure people into trading other items. In other words, it's advisable to get it from a reputable source if you don’t want to take any risks.

Alpine Stalker’s set

The Alpine Stalker set for Ursa which was removed shortly after release as players felt the pilgrim style hat and clothes weren't fitting with the character's loreImage via

The next item on our list is probably one of the most controversial “skins” available in Dota 2. Aside from being one of the oldest items in the game, this is also among the most expensive sets for Ursa that you can buy; because it makes the hero look… strange, to say the least.

Acquiring the entire set will cost a small fortune. Which is why many Dota 2 players decide to just purchase the hat, which is probably the most recognizable option. Sadly, even the hat can often cost more than $400, making it one of the most expensive single-items in the game.

One of the many reasons why this set is so popular is because it was removed from the Dota 2 store a week after release. (There were many players who felt it didn’t fit with Ursa’s lore.) Needless to say, those who’ve purchased it while it was available made huge profits by selling it later on.

Genuine Monarch Bow

Drow Ranger is one of the most popular carries in Dota 2, which explains why she is among the most picked heroes. The hero had many iconic items over the years, including a special Arcana that was released in late 2021.

With that being said, one of the most expensive items that you can purchase for the hero is the Genuine Monarch Bow. This epic bow became available in 2016. But to have it in the “Genuine” quality, you had to purchase the Butterfly Sword from the so-called WETA Workshop.

As expected, only a handful of people did. Which is why this item is one of the most expensive weapons in Dota 2 right now.

Golden Silent Wake

The Golden Silent Wake cape for Drow Ranger, featuring shimmering golden feathers adorning its shouldersImage via

While we are on the topic of Drow Ranger, there's another expensive item for this hero — which can often reach over $450 USD. This is one of the many items people could get from the special chest; the Imbued Golden Trove Carafe. It was available in 2016 and allowed people to get loads of amazing items. One of which is the Golden Silent Wake, which came in Genuine quality.

Genuine Axe of Phractos

Another popular Dota 2 item on this list is for a hero with millions of fans – Axe. Since this is one of the most recognizable names in Dota 2, there are a couple of really popular items that people can put to the test. One of them and probably Axe’s most expensive item is called the Genuine Axe of Phractos.

The only way to get this item is by purchasing the Axe figure from the WETA Workshop. As you can probably guess, only a few people were able to do that, which makes this one of the most expensive items in the game.

Baby Roshan

The last cosmetic item we’d like to include on this list is called Baby Roshan. This courier comes in different versions. In the past the Jade version was the most popular one. But this could change in the future, depending on what people are interested in and what else gets released! The first version of Baby Roshan was introduced in 2012. Since then, there have been a couple of re-releases with different themes; including Ice Baby Roshan and Dark Moon. Even though there are loads of other courier options to choose from, the different versions of Baby Roshan continue to be among the most popular.


Some Of The Most Expensive Cosmetic Items In Dota 2
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