Sneyking Replaces Saksa In Tundra’s DreamLeague Season 20 Squad

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Sneyking Replaces Saksa In Tundra’s DreamLeague Season 20 Squad

Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun will replace Martin “Saksa” Sazdov in Tundra’s DreamLeague Season 20 roster

Tundra Esports, reigning champions of The International 11 and renowned as one of the world's top teams, had to call in two stand-in players for their DreamLeague Season 20 campaign. Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak replaced Leon “Nine” Kirilin, while Aleksandr “Immersion” Khmelevskoi took over from Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun. A post-match interview with Oliver “Skiter” Lepko, however, has revealed that there will be further changes in Tundra’s DreamLeague Season 20 roster. 

The Tundra carry player shared that Sneyking would be making a comeback to the roster, while Martin “Saksa” Sazdov would be taking a leave of absence, meaning that Immersion and Malr1ne would continue as stand-ins.

“Thats the initial plan. So, Saksa’s only gonna be playing today, and then – yeah, that's all I can say for now,” he said.

Tundra often turn to stand-in players as part of their squad management strategy. In DreamLeague Season 19, Saksa experienced burnout and was unable to feature in the competition, so the team brought in Adam “Aramis” Moroz as a stand-in. Tundra, nevertheless, proved their ability to adapt and overcome challenges, securing an admirable 4th place finish in the tournament.

Tundra Esports presses onward in DreamLeague Season 20, encountering a lineup shift with the reentry of Sneyking and the temporary absence of Saksa. Undeterred by these changes, the team is committed to maintaining their impressive form and momentum. Drawing from their prior experiences of competing with stand-ins, Tundra Esports aims to exhibit their adaptability and unity throughout the tournament.

Sneyking Replaces Saksa In Tundra’s DreamLeague Season 20 Squad
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