SMITE: Here Are the Abilities of Surtr, the Fire Giant

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SMITE: Here Are the Abilities of Surtr, the Fire Giant

With the 10.1 patch notes, Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games has revealed the kit of the newest God of the Battleground!

After we took a Closer Look into the creation of SMITE’s 124th playable God, Surtr, the abilities and animations of the Fire Giant has been revealed! His kit looks really interesting and very strong, so without further ado, let’s look at the spells of Surtr – you can get to the clips by clicking on the ability names!

Passive – Obsidian Flesh

Surtr’s flesh cracks into fragments when he loses enough health. He can then walk over the lost fragments to pick them back up, gaining a percentage of his Max Health back over 3 seconds and gaining 10+1 protections per level for the duration. Enemies can also walk over his Obsidian Flesh, destroying the fragments.

1 – Flames of Muspell

Surtr sets his Sword on fire, gaining haste for a few seconds. While the ability is active, his next successful Basic Attack will ignite the target hit, dealing Magical Damage over a few seconds. This damage can be improved by stacking the ability: when an enemy dies while on fire, Flames of Muspell gains a stack up to a maximum of 200, increasing the damage by 3 per Stack.

Flames of Muspell also brings back a familiar face, as Surtr will spawn a Fiery Imp for 10 seconds after hitting a target with the Empowered Basic Attack. The Imp has a lifetime of 10 seconds and will attack the closest enemy, prioritizing Gods.

2 – Giant’s Grasp

Surtr grabs the closest target to him: if he can, he will snatch an enemy Lane Minion or his own Fiery Imp, but if he can’t, he will take hold of a magma rock. The Fire Giant can then throw the grabbed projectile in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies, which travels through minions and stops on the first enemy God hit, stunning every target along its path. If he throws a Fiery Imp, it will explode when it reaches the target, dealing damage in an area around them.

Azure Flame Surtr Skin

3 – Emberwalk

The Fire Giant creates a ring of ember around him, buffing his Movement Speed, which increases for hitting the enemies while the ring of fire is active. The ring deals damage and slows when it forms, and then once again when Surtr ends the ability, when it contracts. While the ring is fully formed, it deals damage to enemies on the edge of it. The ring also picks up any of his passive, Obsidian Flesh, so he can heal easier while this ability is active.

Ultimate – End of Days

Surtr becomes CC immune, and after a short windup, flies into the air to infuse into a large Meteor. While in the air, the Fire Giant is immune to damage, and can aim to choose his crash site. Before he reaches the ground, smaller Meteors split off of him, targeting enemies, dealing damage, and spawning Fiery Imps. When Surtr falls to the ground, he deals increased damage and knocks enemies to hit up the air.

The newest God of the Battleground seems to be one worthy of being the first character released for the 10th Anniversary of SMITE. He looks like a perfect Warrior for the Solo lane, who will be hard to trade with because of his Passive, and hard to build against because of the ramping Magical Damage on his 1. He can chase and get to the backline very well thanks to his 3 and Ultimate, and has two interesting very unique mechanics in Giant’s Grasp and End of Days. While we already have something similar in Kumbhakarna’s 1 and Gilgamesh’s 2, launching minions back into enemy Gods, the Throw seems to take that fantasy to the next level.

Ascended Surtr SMITE skin

End of Days perfectly rounds Surtr out as the bringer of Ragnarok. While going up and crashing down has been in SMITE since the days of Thanatos and Thor, there hasn’t been an ability like this in Warriors before. Thor and Thanatos are also Assassin’s, designed to be the threats to the backline of the enemy team. While the role of Warriors in the game has been backline disruption for years now, Surtr can get to the backline more easily, but at the cost of his Ultimate, as he doesn’t have another dash.

Surtr will fit perfectly into the game and with his arrival, Warriors can hopefully return to the Solo lane in the professional meta as well. While the Fire Giant is already playable – along with the rest of Season 10 – on the PTS, players won't have to wait long to play him on the live servers, as 10.1 drops on the 24th of January!

SMITE: Here Are the Abilities of Surtr, the Fire Giant
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