SKADE is no longer a part of the Bulgarian roster

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SKADE is no longer a part of the Bulgarian roster

Bulgaria is one of the few European countries that has a couple of top-rated CSGO players. Even though one of the teams there was pretty good, things might look different because SKADE is no longer a part of one of the most successful Bulgarian CSGO teams.

SKADE parted ways with the Bulgarian roster

Bpro is a Bulgarian team comprising some of the country's best players. They achieved reasonably good results a couple of years ago, which brought the attention of none other than SKADE.  The organization decided to sign the roster in 2019 when it included the following players:

  • Aleks “Rainwaker” Petrov
  • Denislav “dennyslaw” Dimitrow
  • Georgi “SHiPZ” Grigorov
  • Simeon “dream3r” Ganev
  • Kamen “bubble” Kostadinov

All of these players were among the best in the country, so it wasn’t surprising they achieved pretty impressive results. However, it seems like the Norwegian organization SKADE wanted to do something else because the organization dropped the Bulgarians in favor of a team from their country.

SKADE’s new adventure

According to some information, there is a new team called SKADE.X, which is created in a collaboration between a couple of other orgs. This might not sound like a big deal, but some people are concerned that it will be a conflict of interest because SKADE’s main team, as well as this one, would take part in the open qualifiers for the IEM Rio Major.

However, following SKADE’s decision, it seems like this will no longer be a problem. The organization dropped its Bulgarian roster, meaning it only has one team that will compete in the upcoming qualifiers.

Whether this affected SKADE’s decision is uncertain, but the Bulgarian players must find a new home. SKADE definitely affected their performance because bubble and the rest won several big events, such as the Elisa Invitational Winter 2021. 

According to the official statement from the organization, Skade decided to part ways with their team because they couldn’t agree to extend their contracts. 

SKADE is no longer a part of the Bulgarian roster
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