Six Vital Vertigo Smokes To Use In Counter-Strike 2

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Six Vital Vertigo Smokes To Use In Counter-Strike 2

Here’s a list of six crucial Vertigo smokes to use in Counter-Strike 2

Valve finally adds the fan-favorite map, Vertigo, to the limited test of Counter-Strike 2. Players have long awaited its return as it is known to be one of the most infamous maps in the Counter-Strike history. It has met a diverse range of criticism in pro-play and casual games as well. Some either love it and some wish it is burned to the ground. The only thing for certain is the fact that players are going head over heels in figuring out utility line-ups for this map.

Six Vital Vertigo Smokes To Use In Counter-Strike 2

The new Vertigo in CS2 is very different from its predecessor in CS:GO. With graphical visual improvements, the map has gone through major changes. These have made the old tried and tested line-ups are now useless. But this means that the map will have its own new and unique line-ups. Adding to that, it is worth remembering that Valve has removed Sky Ceilings in CS2 making the possibilities endless. As reworked maps in CS2 still don’t have default setups, we’ve come up with six useful Vertigo smoke line-ups for gamers to use.

Anti-Ramp Aggression Line-up

T-Spawn to Scaffolding/Sidewalk

A-Site Ramps is a prime spot for CT players to look for early picks. As pushing A through this avenue requires relentless aggression and very fast movement, defending players, especially Awpers, take this chance to find a quick kill. By catching the Terrorists rushing ramps carelessly, they can single-handedly deny a rush. It is common for the CT player to hold either near Scaffolding/Sidewalk.

image002 2

Credits: NartOutHere

To stop this and let the A-site execution continue at the pace without obstruction from Sidewalk, we use this smoke line-up. As it can be thrown immediately after the round starts from T-Spawn, it allows the T-Side to keep the pace of the rush intact.

Immediate Effects

With Scaffolding smoked away, any player holding there for a peek will be smoked off and will have no vision. Therefore he will either move away, where he will walk in the firing range of the rushing T-players, or stay lurking in the smoke where he can be cleared by spamming or using frag grenades.

Available Options

  • Continue running up Ramp with the team.
  • Flash through Scafollding smoke and pinch the CT side.
  • Flank through Sidewalk with a late lurk.
  • Explode on to A-site,

A-Site Dual Vertigo Smokes Default

A-Ramps to A-Site

So you’ve gotten through to Ramps and now looking to plant in A. But the problem with openly running into this site is that due to the planting zone being in the open and too many angles for CT players to hold from behind the site, it becomes too risky to hit without utility.

image003 3

Credits: NartOutHere

So to hit this site safely, grab a buddy and follow the Dual Smokes line-ups to create a separation between two sides of the Site. These two line-ups together reduce the vision of the defending players and allow safe passage for the T players to walk up to take control. Since both smokes are thrown from Ramps, the throwers will be safe from any counter-reaction from the CT players.

Immediate Effects

The smokes cover both, the left and right sides of the boxes and also the region behind the boxes, CT players have no choice but to respect this setup as they have no vision into the site and are forced to play passive angles. Since chances for a fast retake are slim and lack of vision denies them any sneaky picks, they will have to wait for a rotation. The new volumetric smokes in CS2 help a great deal to make these line-ups effective, allowing the T-side to get the bomb down and set up for the post-plant.

Available Options

  • Plant default and play long-range post-plant.
  • Pair smokes with Molotov toward Double-Box headshot angle to deny picks.
  • Flash and molly through smoke for additional aggression.
  • Lurk through Sidewalk during post-plant.

Fast Lower B-Stairs One-Way

Toilets Doorway to Lower B-Stairs

Since the CT players spawn in upper Vertigo and are closer to B-Stairs, they’re able to gain control of the high ground and pick off any T-side players trying to walk up towards the Stairs to B-Site. Due to the very high angle and obstacles, flashes or mollies are extremely hard to use here. Without gaining control of Stairs and it is almost impossible to access the B-Site.

image004 4

Credits: NartOutHere

This one-way smoke allows T-players to easily kill the player guarding the B-Stairs without much fuss. The defending player won’t be able to see the shooter or even be able to predict where the shot is going to come from. Also, the smoke makes the player vulnerable as most people's first reaction after seeing a smoke isn’t to hold it more carefully, they don’t to be shot from the other side.

Immediate Effects

Usually, players holding on top of B-Stairs expect to be cleared with flashes and mollies or just a simple wide swing from Lower B. Instead of all that seeing a smoke will confuse them and buy the player looking to get the kill a split-second chance at clearing the defender. Adding to the fact that this is a one-way makes it very easy to take out the CT player and catch the entire defense off-guard.

Available Options

image005 3

Credits: NartOutHere

  • A fast push towards B.
  • Default bomb plant.
  • Use this as bait and switch, falling back and pushing A after the kill to sell a fake push towards the B-Site.
  • Lurk and sneak into the B-Site by sneaking through the smoke.
  • The same line-up can be used for a flash.

B-Site Dual Generator Smokes

T-Stairs Container to B-Site Generator

This smoke facilitates players rushing towards the B-Site from T-Spawn through B-Stairs. After clearing out any players holding towards B-Stairs, the Terrorist will need utility support to be able to access the B-Site. Since there are many cheeky spots to play from, very potent utility is required.

image006 2

Credits: NartOutHere

The two smokes thrown from the safety of T-Spawn are perfect for this pus as they cover both sides of Generator and deny the CT side from stopping the bomb plant. This smoke line-up has been used by pro-player, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, currently playing for Astralis.

Immediate Effects

Smokes off the entire B-Site forcing players to fall back. The new volumetric physics of the smokes allows the smokes to spread and even deny vision from the top of Connector. Any remaining players on the site will be vulnerable and easy to clear. This ensures a safe bomb plant and lets the Terrorists prepare for post-plant.

Available Options

  • Push up to B-Site.
  • Default bomb plant.
  • Open bomb plant.
  • Continue aggression by flashing through the smoke.
  • Easy spam to get additional frags.
  • Lurk through the smoke for cheeky plays.

As Valve continues to add more maps to Counter-Strike 2 we will be expanding our guides for utility line-ups and help you gain an advantage in your matches. We hope you view some of our other articles to learn more about utility setups in CS2.

Six Vital Vertigo Smokes To Use In Counter-Strike 2
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