Siuhy Returns To MOUZ For Senior Team Action

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Siuhy Returns To MOUZ For Senior Team Action

Kamil “⁠siuhy⁠” Szkaradek will captain the MOUZ senior team after a successful stint with the organization's junior setup 

MOUZ have unveiled their latest addition to the main team, Kamil “siuhy Szkaradek, who formerly represented GamerLegion and captained MOUZ's junior team earlier. siuhy is expected to take over in-game leadership duties from Christopher “⁠dexter⁠” Nong, who officially parted ways with the German outfit on Friday.

siuhy, the talented esports professional, is set to embark on his second journey with the esteemed German organization, MOUZ. In a remarkable turn of events, siuhy's previous stint with the team involved leading the MOUZ NXT junior roster, which achieved unprecedented success by clinching four consecutive WePlay Academy League titles from 2021 to 2022 under siuhy's leadership. Now, at the age of 20, siuhy returns to MOUZ with renewed vigor and a wealth of experience, poised to make an even greater impact on the team's competitive endeavors.


siuhy reconnects with three former teammates from the highly successful academy squad. Ádám “⁠torzsi⁠” Torzsás, Dorian “⁠xertioN⁠” Berman, and the skilled coach Dennis “⁠sycrone⁠” Nielsen were all part of the talented group that earned a promotion to the main lineup in 2022. siuhy,meanwhile, had taken a different route, briefly joining GamerLegion.

siuhy's tenure with GamerLegion was nothing short of extraordinary, with his influential leadership driving the team's remarkable run to the runner-up position at the Paris Major earlier this year. The CSGO community has been quick to acknowledge his exceptional talent, hailing him as one of the most promising young in-game leaders in the scene. 

“Siuhy's return infuses the team with a fresh mindset, but also familiarity, providing a solid foundation for their journey ahead,” MOUZ said in their official statement. “As they navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by CS2, MOUZ and siuhy aim to cement their place as one of the top contenders in the scene.”

“Since day one MOUZ is always in the back of my head and ever since I left for that year, even though I was playing for GamerLegion I was also thinking about MOUZ and what could happen in one or two years' time,” siuhy said in his post-reveal interview. “So, for sure, coming back to my friends and seeing them again is a great feeling.”

MOUZ Present Lineup 

  • David “⁠frozen⁠” Čerňanský
  • Ádám “⁠torzsi⁠” Torzsás
  • Dorian “⁠xertioN⁠” Berman
  • Kamil “⁠siuhy⁠” Szkaradek
  • Dennis “⁠sycrone⁠” Nielsen (coach)
  • Jon “⁠JDC⁠” de Castro (benched)
  • Christopher “⁠dexter⁠” Nong (benched)
Siuhy Returns To MOUZ For Senior Team Action
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