Singaporean Roster BLEED Win Pacific Ascension

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Singaporean Roster BLEED Win Pacific Ascension

BLEED secured the tickets to compete in VCT Pacific for the next two years with the Pacific Ascension trophy

After a long few months of competing in Malaysia and Singapore Challengers and now winning Pacific Ascension, we have a new VCT League contender for the next two years – BLEED eSports. In a dominating best-of-5 Grand Final, BLEED enjoyed a clean 3-0 sweep against Japanese contender SCARZ. 

Former X10 and XERXIA member Nutchaphon “sScary” Matarat secured the MVP spot of the Grand Final match, and the Thai player was also one of the best at the event. Alongside sScary, Tyler “juicy” Aeria and Ngô “crazyguy” Công Anh have also been valuable members of the roster throughout the tournament, helping the team win the first-ever Pacific Ascension in VALORANT.

BLEED Secure VCT Pacific Spot for 2023-24

With this Grand Final victory, BLEED will be another Singaporean team to compete in VCT Pacific for the next two years alongside other franchised APAC rosters. This achievement comes from months of competing in the regional Challengers League, where we saw countless teams from Asia who fought for a chance to compete in future VCT Leagues. 

BLEED have shown excellence from the start of Malaysia & Singapore VCL, winning both Split 1 and Split 2 of the event in the past. Their Ascension journey was also full of domination, as the team only lost a single series out of six games. 

BLEED Receive Grand Welcome to Franchising

BLEED Lift VCT Ascension Pacific trophy

Credit: Riot Games

Pacific Ascension’s Playoffs took place in Bangkok’s Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, and a total of 10 teams from different regional Challengers Leagues participated in the tournament. BLEED, alongside winning a $20,000 prize, found themselves in front of a great crowd. 

Singaporean Roster BLEED Win Pacific Ascension
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